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I’m so Speechless about this movie. It Makes us excited and also makes us sad. Rarely do films about music can make me feel this way stress

Synopsis: Andrew Neinman (Miles Teller), first year student in music school and his dream is becoming a famous drummer. One day, Terence Fletcher (JK Simmons) music coach recruited him to become a drummer in his team. Fletcher is very hard on his students and often uses physical violence and harsh words in teaching. Andrew with his dream struggled with Fletcher’s teaching techniques that is 'different'.

The film is mixed of thriller and drama. We can feel scared by Mr. Fletcher. We can feel how Andrew goes crazy every time he plays in front of Mr. Fletcher and especially if he made a mistake in his play. Mr. Fletcher did not hesitate to throw a chair and swore to make Andrew cry.

Throughout the film, we are presented with a powerful jazz music. Perhaps in this film we be confused if we annoyed at Fletcher with any behavior that is harmful or even sympathetic because behind his attitude while teaching, he is a figure that loves his student. It can be seen that on several occasions he actually encouraged Andrew and behind the cruel manner, he really wants his students to grow and become better.

JK Simmons took home an Oscar as best supporting actor for his role very great as Fletcher. Of course this is no doubt. Whiplash itself won many awards and nominations in many awards for the film.

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