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Recast Star Wars Episode 4? Why not.

This is a recasting intended for a decision to reboot Star Wars TODAY.

Obviously this is something that will never happen, (at least I hope it wont) but its kinda fun at the same time.

Rolling with this ridiculous idea of an ill-advised, and irrational Disney/Hollywood reboot/money grab I'm gonna run from the Star Wars style of casting unknowns and cast stars.

ALSO, I'm not recasting, Vader, Chewie, or R2 and Threepio.

No new Vader because you only need a tall guy in the suit and JEJ's voice, no new Chewie because suit, and no new Threepio because Anthony Daniels always needs work.


Punch it.

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi: Patrick Stewart

I mean come on. You know this would be awesome. It would need to be an actor of this caliber to try and live up to Sir Alec.

Governor Wilhuff Tarkin: Jeremy Irons

Yup. Legendary.


Governor Wilhuff Tarkin: Christoph Waltz

Would bring something totally different but could still work.

If Tarantino was directing this would be a given.

Now onto the big three.

Han Solo: Bradley Cooper

He's got the look, the ability, and the box office draw. He'd also be great. Cooper would nail the sarcastic apathy necessary for Solo.

And he would always shoot first.


Princess Leia Organa: Emma Watson

She looks like royalty, and she can pull of ass kicking. She'd slay this role.

And finally the actor shouldering the responsibility of recreating one of the greatest heroes in the history of cinema...

Luke Skywalker: Andrew Garfield

Honestly the idea of Garfield in this role is why I wrote this post in the first place. I think he'd be absolutely perfect. Luke Skywalker doesn't start out as and never really becomes a prototypical action hero. He's a little bit of an outcast, even a nerd. He's us. He's the average young man that dreams of adventure and realizing the heights of his potential. Of course he ultimately rises to that destiny, and saves the galaxy. I think Garfield would nail Luke's arc and would be perfect for this reboot that will never happen.

I almost want to see these flicks.

Who would you cast in a Star Wars reboot?

Or is it sacrilege to even mention such an idea?


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