ByVitmor Steinfeld, writer at
Vitmor Steinfeld

Well, some want Felicity Jones . . . I want Natalie Dormer.

Let's see why.

1st reason:

She does look like a cat.

2nd reason:

She is cute.

She is funny.

She is sexy.

And she is smoking hot.

And Black Cat is all that.

3rd reason:

She looks great with any hair she get's.

If she played Felicia, her hair would be white.

4th reason:

Her eyes

I see Black Cat writen in those big blue eyes.

5th reason:

It would be impossible for Peter, to, at least, not have a crush on her, like in the comics.

6th reason:

Way better than Felicity, no?

Two great actresses, but i like Natalie for Felicia better.

So, what you think?


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