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There is one very famous podcast-Oscar Podcast- starring Sasha Stone, which analyses Oscar news in depth an provides us with the latest news on them. In one of its episodes, the team was discussing why Birdman (which it did) could take home the Best Picture Oscar and though they stated the main reason would be that it won the PGA and the SAG awards. Sasha Stone also stated that the film highlighted a very big change in Hollywood, which would please the Academy: It showing that superhero films are not "films". She was very critical towards them and indirectly, stated that anyone who has ever starred in a superhero film is not a real "actor."

This is something I completely disagree with. Saying that superhero films are not films and that every actor in them is not capable of acting is absurd. Heck, this year's Oscars were filled with actors who have played or are going to play the role of one or another superhero. Michael Keaton was Batman, JK Simmons was J. J. Jameson, Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be Doctor Strange, Emma Stone was Gwen Stacy, RDJ was nominated for an Oscar for playing Charlie Chaplin in the film Chaplin (1992), Mark Ruffalo is the Hulk, etc.

These examples are enough to state that superhero films are films and the actors in them are actors and they do deserve credit. RDJ has been able to portray Iron Man in such a way that we now look at him as Iron Man. It was very easy for him to mess it up completely (like Ryan Reynolds) and make all Iron Man fans upset, but he did not do that. He made Iron Man real, and not just a comic character for which he deserves immense credit.

That's one point.

The second thing that Sasha Stone mentioned that superhero films are never going to be nominated for a Best Picture award, which is correct and that they will always be in Best Visual Effects or Makeup, which is also correct. But the fact is, superhero films are never made to reach the Best Picture mark, the directors, producers and everyone else involved in them know that this will never happen and therefore, for them the Best Visual Effect Oscar is the highest honour, though they won't object if someday they are nominated for a Best Picture award. She even mentioned that superhero films are taking over Hollywood. If that would have been the case then every category in the Oscars would have been filled by at least one superhero film but that did not happen, which means that the artistic and storytelling films are surviving and being recognised and as long as that happens, there should not be any conflict between "real" films and superhero films.

To call a superhero portraying actor not a real actor and to support that superhero films are not be recognised as films is not correct and everyone behind a superhero film deserves credit (if the film is good) for they successfully are able to please all those millions of comic book fans by bringing the characters to real life in the right way-which is an art, according to me.


Do you agree?


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