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Is anyone else besides me disturbed by the way that Titanic ended? I thought so! Now, don't get me wrong... it was an excellent movie! I mean, it won the Academy Award for Best Picture, for crying out loud! But, still, that ending made me want to slap Rose around for a good, long while!

Here is what really should have happened!

For one thing, that chunk of wood was more than large enough for both of them to fit on at the same time! She laid right in the middle and made no effort to force him onto it! I know that if it was me on there and the love of my life was in the water, I would be doing everything I could to keep us both on there at the same time!

I do not own this image!
I do not own this image!

They could have figured out some way to get themselves both on there, and Jack would not have frozen to death! They could have caught the life boat together and made it to America! Once there, Rose would have discovered "The Heart of the Ocean" in her pocket.

I do not own this image!
I do not own this image!

She and Jack could have kept it a secret together and sold the necklace for the highest amount of money they could have possibly gotten. That would have saved them from poverty and near starvation during the Great Depression. Heck! They might have even had some money to spare! They could have bought their own house, "made lots of babies," and died an old COUPLE warm in their bed! Also, she then would not have had to throw the necklace into the ocean to be lost forever! The men looking for it could have found it and bought it from wherever it ended up and whoever it ended up with! Everyone lives Happily Ever After!


Well, what did you think of the ending?


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