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While [The Expendables 3](movie:388705) and the entire series of films aren't for everybody, the tongue-in-cheek action-heavy franchise is a guilty pleasure of sorts for me. And it's become pretty evident that I'm not the only one who gets down with Sly Stallone and his crew of old legends who STILL GOT IT. I mean, the thing is, you can't argue with numbers.

Sure, the third film flopped, but that PG-13 rating could've been the reason for that - simply due to the fact that they weren't able to do as much with the MPAA on their ass.

I'm totally down for this series... which will NOT have Sylvester Stallone on-screen, but he will be behind the scenes as an executive producer so his input will be a huge part of the show. The show is set to come out on Fox.

Greg Coolidge and Kirk Ward will write the TV adaptation and serve as co-executive producers along with Stallone. Kevin King, a veteran exec from Stallone's production company, Rogue Marble, will also help produce.

The reports say the series is going to be a light-hearted action drama, which I think is a solid idea. I mean, I can't really think of anything on TV like The Expendables.

Don't pretend like you aren't ready for THIS on your TV screen

It may be too soon, but Harrison Ford is okay after crashing his plane and a legend - wait, something that could be cool... since it's a weekly TV series, they can bring in cameos of all sorts of legends - it would be less of a time commitment and they could get more people

I NEED this!

The fact is, I need to see rocket-launcher-provoked explosions on my TV on a weekly basis

If they get Jason Statham, then it's over. Game, blouses. Sly, take all of my money. Now.

Give me Terry Crews... I know he has Brooklyn Nine-Nine but just give me Terry

Let's just get this done, guys. C'mon!

Probably the coolest thing about this whole situation is that if it comes out on Fox, the only thing I have to do is watch. I have Fox. Most people do. It's part of a basic TV package.

So, the way they'll make money is by selling TV ads. I expect the following types of ads to play during this show: beer, sports, Axe body spray, tools, guns (well, if they were allowed to advertise them), and trucks... big ones.

Can't wait.



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