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The Flash TV Series in CW was not a bust or failure. It was an amazing superhero TV series since Arrow..Said by the Arrow himself the flash should have just been a movie and it would be way better than the series.

The Flash series is going well and had a sucessful on-going series.The show had a break for a while and will return in CW this March and simultaneity with their newest TV series iZombie debut.

Stephen Amell talks why didn't like the decision of Warner bros. making The Flash a TV Series.

Stephen amell isn't too happy with the decision of Warner bros. about The Flash being a TV series. He said:

"I thought that the way Warner Bros. announced the slate of DC movies could have been handled better," said Amell in an interview with AMC's Movie Talk.

He even talk about his fellow Superhero Star Grant Gustin

"I think someone like Grant Gustin, who has just launched an iconic character like Flash, to record breaking numbers ... should have been given a wider berth than two episodes before another actor was announced to play his character," Amell said. "I thought it was shitty that all of this stuff got announced the morning that the ratings — the spectacular ratings — of the second episode of the Flash came in.

Grant Gustin made an appearance in a few episodes in ARROW and when he said that he was Barry Allen we all know that he was going to be The Flash.

But Stephen Amell didn't like the outcome of the timing and and the casting of The Flash itself. He qouted:

"All that being said," Amell added, "everyone wants to judge things immediately. The plan that Warner Bros. [and DC have] — and it's a wonderful plan overall — for the introduction of the Justice League of America and all these standalone films is going to take place over 5, 6, 7 years. Whose to say what's going to happen."

"Justice League.?..."
"Justice League.?..."

What if The Flash really became a movie what would it look like?

More running?...yeah,right.

Grant Gustin didn't talk about the Flash being a movie.

I think i would be an awesome movie with the effects and the storyline but i can't imagine what would it look like if the series became a movie..Well Flash is one of the major character in the DC Universe and the only major character who happened to be a series not a movie..So let see what other DC major characters had their own movie.

Well first..

"I'm Batman....Actually I'm Bruce Wayne."
"I'm Batman....Actually I'm Bruce Wayne."

Well if it isn't the richest man in the DC Universe...Bruce Wayne everybody. *claps..

Batman is the first DC superhero who was assembled in a movie it started in 1989 and until right now The Dark Knight Era is still on going and will return again in the Big Screen with The Man of Steel himself in 2016.

Batman was running a long time:

  • Batman (1989)
  • Batman Returns (1992)
  • Batman Forever (1995)
  • Batman and Robin (1997)
  • Batman Begins (2005)
  • The Dark Knight (2008)
  • The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

    It's been a decade of Batman though and with a new Bruce Wayne which is Ben Affleck and I'm excited how we the role of Bruce Wayne will play out.


"What's the S stands for?...It's not an S.
"What's the S stands for?...It's not an S.

Superman the major or the leader of the group called Justice League with his colleague Batman. Superman have his own movie too.

  • SUPERMAN (1978)
  • SUPERMAN II (1980)
  • SUPERMAN III (1983)
  • SUPERMAN IV:The Quest For Peace (1987)
  • MAN OF STEEL (2013)

    The superman franchise which was led by Christopher Reeve The SUPERMAN sequels should have ended with SUPERMAN V but an accident happen to the actor which caused him death and the movie wasn't able to continue. And The return of Superman in 2006 saying that if there's Batman there's supposed to be Superman which was played by Brandon Routh. And this 2013 and upcoming 2016 we will have our newest Man of Steel Henry Cavill who will star in the SUPERMAN V BATMAN:DAWN OF JUSTICE.


"In brightest day,In blackest night.."
"In brightest day,In blackest night.."

There's only one movie of Green Lantern created and that was on 2011 and was played by Ryan Reynolds there was supposed to be a sequel of the film but the actor turned down the role. But the movie was an A-Bomb at the box office said by the critics and fans.

Many wanted to have the Green Lantern to have a sequel but the only problem is there's no actor wanted to play the role like no one. But Hal Jordan could return in the big screen.


If you're asking me i would love to have Flash as a movie like the CGI now are always used to this movie and all the fast paced effects could killed this movie but if this is going to be a movie you're going to need some BIG NAMES. Grant Gustin have the guts to be the flash but can he take on the big stage? The fastest man alive is likely going to have his own movie or maybe a Justice League Crossover in the series as Zack Snyder have finished his Batman v Superman and Aquaman. Grant Gustin was also joined the rumor of being SPIDERMAN I know, I know that this is a marvel topic but come on if he was recommended on the role of Peter Parker doesn't mean that he was doing a good job in playing Barry Allen and his talents have discovered by everyone. Can Zack Snyder call his name and join the Justice League in the big screen? I'm getting excited for this.

"Justice League: The defenders of Tomorrow."
"Justice League: The defenders of Tomorrow."


Is there any chance of having Flash in the big screen?


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