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Robb Wells, JP Tremblay and Mike Smith, the stars of Trailer Park Boys, need your help to promote their newest cinematic creation, Swearnet: The Movie.

The boys play themselves in a story of how they’ve grown tired of constant censoring of their various collaborations. In their world, swearing is a natural aspect of regular, everyday dialogue.

In a case of art imitating life (or maybe the other way around), Wells, Tremblay and Smith started a subscription-based website called which, in addition to promoting the Trailer Park Boys, provides new, original content loaded with swearing.

Basically, Swearnet: The Movie is, more or less, a fictional account of how the vulgar-laden network came to be.

Critics responded negatively to the flick but audiences surveyed seemed to enthusiastically enjoy Swearnet.

Released in Canada last year, the movie supposedly holds the Guinness World Record for the highest cinematic expletive count: 935.

That said, distributors in the United States, despite the enormous popularity of the guys, backed away from putting out the movie because of the excessive vulgarity.

To get it seen stateside, producers have come with a plan for fans to promote screenings. They have teamed with to encourage host screenings and offer successful hosts a commission of the ticket sales.

For more information:

Also, those interested in attending screenings can check the site for upcoming showings.

Below: The boys explain in their own way with loads of swearing. (Discretion advised.)


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