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Just when we thought we could not get any more jealous of one of Hollywood's hottest couple, Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed just went and proved once again that we most definitely can.

They are already pretty perfect as they are: They are both incredibly talented actors, very nice people and some of the most gorgeous faces in the world. Now, however, they have revealed another detail to their relationship that is sure to make you swoon even more.

It turns out that the two lovebirds are so compatible that they only argue about ONE thing: The color of Ian's enchantingly beautiful eyes.

Speaking at the annual Noble Awards Friday in California, which the pair attended to pick up their awards for their commitment to charity work (of course!), Nicky gushed:

"He thinks his eyes are ocean blue and I think they're aqua."

Similarly, Ian confirmed that he and his lady never really come head-to-head over anything. When asked what they argue about, he simply replied:

"[Nothing] really! [...] I know it sounds stupid."

It's not stupid when you're perfect in every way, Ian.

And here's another reason the engaged pair are faultless:

They are constantly preoccupied with making the world a better place and it is the thought that first crosses their minds the moment they wake up. Reed revealed the pillow talk that goes on when they both open their beautiful eyes:

"We do wake up in the morning and talk about those things [...] That's the revelation that I've had in the last couple of years is understanding my role in this, and that one individual can actually do something, can change the world [...] I think it all stems around the idea that everything is connected [...] And so what's actually nurtured this long friendship that we've had is that we are passionate about similar things."

We wish both of them the best of luck and a lifetime of no quarrels!


What do you think of Nikki and Ian as the perfect couple?



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