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Justin Bieber's brash self-confidence (some might say "ego") has quite clearly reached astronomical levels in last few years. But for me at least, this has now gone beyond annoying, and has somehow become refreshingly entertaining. I find myself willfully egging him on to annoy as many people as he possibly can.

But rather like a docile mosquito on a hot, sticky day, there's always a chance this annoying petulance might get splattered. And after what he's just done on twitter this week, I think that time could be just around the corner.

As we know, Justin Bieber is all set for the legendary "Comedy Central Roast", in which a big celebrity star has the piss ripped out of them for a full 30 minutes. There's been some classics, and given the material on hand, Bieber's could be the best one yet.

Why then, did he decide to beg one of Hollywood's funniest and wittiest to play chief torturer?

Yep, incredibly, Bieber took to twitter to ask Seth Rogan, a man who once called the pop superstar a "piece of shit", to roast him.

See the tweets below,


As much as I like the pair of them, I'd love to see this happen. Please, Seth - roast him!

Justin’s roast will film on March 14 and air on March 30.


Should Seth Rogan roast Justin Bieber?


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