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Kit Simpson Browne

Good news, Wolverine fans!

Wolverine's next solo outing - though whether we're supposed to call it The Wolverine 2 or Wolverine 3 is becoming increasingly unclear - is definitely on its way!

That's right, not only do we know that it's expected to be hit our screens March 3, 2017, but thanks to a sneaky reveal from the film's director, James Mangold, we now know that the movie will begin filming early next year.

All of which just goes to show you that it's always worth asking your industry heroes questions on Twitter - after all, sometimes they actually answer...

The big question now? Just what will we see on our screens come 2017?

Patrick Stewart has recently been hinting (OK, outright admitting) that the film will focus on Professor X and Wolverine having some sort of presumably action-packed adventure - but could we also see Channing Tatum's soon-to-arrive Gambit, or Ryan Reynolds' even-more-imminent Deadpool?

It certainly wouldn't be too much of a surprise - though I'm still hoping they get Ellen Page back in as Kitty Pryde, and give us a chance to see the two of them team up for a Japanese adventure...just like in the comics:

What do you think, though? What will we see The Wolverine 2 (or Wolverine 3, take your pick) focus on? Which other mutants will we get to see? And will Sabretooth finally return?



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