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We've all seen The Lord of the Rings fan art before, but this is something on a completely different level.

A major Tolkien fan, known online as Neular, has created the Mines of Moria door for his basement theater, and it's pretty freakin' impressive.

The images posted to Imgur show the almost finished product, including how it lights up when touched and opens automatically. Check out the video below to see it in operation:

The creator also broke down the design process to show how the effect was created:

Box built out of 2x4's and plywood I had hanging around. LED strip is a strip of super bright LED's which I bought off amazon. it was secured using liquid nails and all the random items in the picture were used to put weight down on it until the glue dried.
Thinking back on this I should have done the strips up and down rather then side to side, but it still turned out great.
I bought a large plexi-glass sheet covered it in vinyl. I drew the design on the back side and used a razor to cut it out. I already had black vinyl and was to cheap to purchase white vinyl, so i just painted the back of it white to help reflect the light more inside the box.

But, the creator isn't done yet. He wants to make it even more like the magical Dwarven door found in The Fellowship of the Ring. He is currently working on installing a voice recognition system which means the door will only open if it hears the Elven word for 'Friend', with is 'Mellon'. Unfortunately, it's not quite been officially installed yet, although Neular's young son still seems happy with the final product.

Source: Imgur


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