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I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that the [Rush Hour](series:2310289) TV series is in the works. CBS has bought the pilot. The bad news is that neither Chris Tucker nor Jackie Chan will be involved. One of the best action-comedy duos of all time will not be teaming up for the show.

I think Tucker brought comedy and solid action ability while Chan brought surprisingly solid comedy and UNREAL stunt-work. He was the best in the biz at the time of the Rush Hour films. The two won't be doing the TV series, though, and it will be difficult to replace them.

However, we have a new Detective Lee. That's Jon Foo, also highly trained in martial arts, and being of Chinese and Irish descent. He's going to bring the stunts for sure.

Jon Foo
Jon Foo

All I know is, if they get this right it'll be hilarious! Director of the movies, Brett Ratner is involved which is a pretty good sign that it'll be solid.


Do you think Jon Foo can play Detective Lee?

(Via: Deadline)


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