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SINGAPORE: The Singapore Sports Hub (SSH) has outlined plans to make UK boyband One Direction's upcoming show at the National Stadium “a positive experience” for the 30,000 patrons expected to turn up for the 8pm concert on Wednesday (Mar 11).

At a media briefing on Friday, the SSH said it has arranged for security and event personnel to manage the crowd on the day of the concert. It also advised patrons who want to queue the night before - to be among the first to get into the standing area when doors open at 6pm - not to do so "for safety and security reasons".

SSH said patrons should only queue from 11am on Mar 11, and not queue overnight. Those who insist on queuing overnight do so at their own risk, said SSH, and they will not be allowed into the queuing area.

However, the Sports Hub said that those who wish to come an hour or two before 11am on the event day are free to do so. Those in the queue will be given a stamp to identify them as being part of the line so they can more easily return to the queue after using the bathroom or going to buy food.

SSH also would like to remind fans that selfie sticks, iPads and long lens cameras are banned for the concert.


Apart from plans to manage the crowd, the SSH also said a traffic management plan is in place to make sure patrons can come to and leave the venue easily, as a large number of private vehicles are expected on the day of the concert.

This is as SSH expects the audience to be predominantly made up of teenagers and young adults, and that the parents of these concert-goers will want to drive them to the venue and pick them up later.

Outriders and traffic marshals will be in place to control traffic and make sure the roads to the car parks and pick up points at the venue are kept clear, but concert-goers are still encouraged to take public transport to the concert.


In addition, there are plans to give out ponchos to those who are seated at the West End of the National Stadium, which is uncovered, in case of rain.

When asked if those seated elsewhere in the stadium could be affected by leaks in the National Stadium roof if it rains, which happened during the Jay Chou concert late last year, Jose Raymond, the SSH’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications and Stakeholder Management only said that "intensive rectification works have been ongoing" and that the roof will be fixed before the SEA Games in June.

Concert-goers can find more information about the concert, such as via the SSH’s website and social media outlets.

Raymond said that while there is a lot of information available for patrons to digest, the key message is a simple one: “Come early, take public transport, keep the National Stadium clean … rest well and have a good time”.

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