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Vitmor Steinfeld

When i heard who was gonna play Beauty i was so happy, Emma's so beautifle and talented, so i was obviously in heaven.

Let's celebrate!!

Then i heard Emma Thompson would be Mrs. Potts, i was in pure joy, but unfortunatly it's only a rumor for now.

So let's stay calm and wait pacently.

Later on i heard, Luke Evans...

...would be Gaston, and i was like...

Finnaly he's being recognized, he is in everything now!! Yeah!!!

Then i heard two more rumors.


Timothy Spall...

is rumored to play Maurice! I hope it's true, he's a great great actor.


Matt Lucas

is rumored to play Lefou. For now we don't know yet so :P

And the Beast is officially choosen...

Can't guess who is playing The Beast? Okay...

How abou that? Hmm? It will be weird as hell, but he might do a good job.

So that's our cast for now, let's hope more familiar faces come abord aswell. Thank you :)


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