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Since 1992 Quentin Tarantino has pushed the boundaries of modern cinema and provided us with some powerful scenes that have helped shape American films as we know them today. However as the title suggests there is a SITUATION. This refers to his decline in quality and his irritating personality. Tarantino has directed seven films so far, these include

  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Jackie Brown
  • Kill Bill
  • Kill Bill 2
  • Deathproof
  • Inglorious Basterds
  • Django Unchained

With his latest film The Hateful Eight scheduled for release at the end of the year (in time for the Oscars) I want to talk about what he has done for film. I can say from watching a lot of short films that Quentin Tarantino has inspired numerous film-makers to created films for little or no money at all.

With feature film debut in 1992 with Reservoir Dogs he started a brand new genre of film, staring Harvey Kietel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Steve Busecemi and Tarantino himself. With Reservoir Dogs he pushed the boundaries of independent films and introduced audiences to a brand new type of Gangster film, with gun violence and a whole wide range of colorful language (later endorsed by Samuel L Jackson) He also introduced us to the idea of telling a story out of joint (non-linear story telling).

Then on to Pulp Fiction (1994) an electric Palme D'Or winning follow up to Resovoir Dogs. This movie marks the first Tarantino/Jackson collaboration. Also starring Steve Buscemi and Harvey Kietel along with Uma Thurman. each storyline focuses on a different series of incidents set in different periods of time, they connect and intersect in various ways. The film starts out with a diner hold-up staged by "Pumpkin" and "Honey Bunny," then picks up the stories of Vincent, Jules, Butch, and several other important characters, including mob kingpin Marsellus Wallace, his wife, Mia, and underworld problem-solver Winston Wolfe. It finally returns to where it began, in the diner: Vincent and Jules, who have stopped in for a bite, find themselves embroiled in the hold-up.

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