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Jerry Hatfield II

The scene picks up with MacReady and Childs resting against the remains of a building, with Childs passing a bottle of alcohol back to McCready. The two smile wearily and cautiously at each other as the scene cuts to show the remnants of the U. S. Outpost in flames. The screen fades to black, and the initial lines of credits begin to appear, accompanied by the film's theme music. From nothing and rising to a steady drone, a thiacome can be heard trundling across the ice. The credits cease and slowly stars replace the words, and the camera cuts down to zoom in on the ground. It continues to pan until the thiacome is fully in frame, and then zooms to the inside of the cab, where we see a tired but determined Kate, the sole survivor of the prequel film. She squints her eyes, as something in the distance seems to have caught her attention. The angle changes to show the distant outline of a snowy ridge, the peak illuminated by a large fire that lights the scenery a distant but vibrant orange glow. The thiacome advances toward the inferno. It trudges across the snow, the angle cutting and drawing back to reveal the thiacome from a distance.

The next cut is of Kate parking the thiacome and strapping back into the flamethrower. She has parked at the edge of the station, the thiacome's engine dulled considerably by the sound of the station burning.

Here the scene cuts back to Mac and Childs, both who appear to have fallen asleep. Neither man can be seen to identity, and the closeups are of nothing more than slumped forms, one holding the bottle of alcohol. The camera focused on each appendage without giving away the owner, and rests on a leg, a leg that shifts, turns, then both legs are visible in getting to the owner's feet. There is a cut of Kate cautiously walking around the corner of a building, and squinting, looking into the distance, studying a scene playing out before her.

Cutting back to the legs, the camera shows a pair of snow-dusted knees, and slowly pans down to show that the legs' owner is standing over a still sleeping survivor of U. S. Outpost McMurdough. In the far right, coming into view from the top of the screen, we see elongated fingers stretching, lengthening their way toward the unsuspecting sleeping survivor, a slimy substance dripping off the appendages and onto the snow.

The screen is bathed in fire, just above the sleeper, and a monstrous howl is heard as the screen cuts up to show Childs as The Thing, engulfed in flames. Macready jerks awake hastily, very very briefly and in horror looks up to see the burning creature, and kicks himself hastily away from the Thing, as it takes off running into the snow. Mac pushes himself, scooting on his bottom, straight back until he hits something solid, fearfully watching The Thing as it tries to outrun the flames for just a moment longer before collapsing into the snow. He glances behind him briefly to make sure it's safe, just a casual look over his shoulder at what he has stopped against, and as he turns back to see the burning remains of Childs, it hits him; a woman! He wuickly turns to face her, scrambling to his feet.

"Who the hell are you?" He asks anxiously.

Kate points the flamethrower at him threateningly, and demands, "Open your mouth!"

Hesitantly, Mac complies, fearful of the outcome. After a brief look at his teeth, though, Kate slowly lowers the flamethrower and says, "I'm Kate. Is there anyone else?"

Gravely, Mac shakes his head. "I'm the only one," he says, much as he said earlier to Childs. "Where..." He begins, but doesn't need to finish. Somehow, he knows where she came from. "How did you get here?" He instead inquires.

"I came from the Norwegian outpost. There was something in the ice, and I was brought in to excavate it."

Mac nods briefly. "Are you all that's made it?" Kates nods, and sniffles from the cold. "Well," Mac presses, "what now?"

Kate turns to look and refocus on Childs for a moment, then says, "We try for the Russian Outpost."

Mac nods again, and the two stand together watching Childs' remains still burning in the snow. The theme music picks back up, and The camera pans out to reveal the remains of the outpost again. Seen from a distance, the two slowly turn, Mac following Kate back to the thiacome. The screen goes black again, and the credits resume.


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