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Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron is the hottest movie of the season (yes, even hotter than Tyler Perry´s Madea´s Big Jail-break). According to my estimations, it will earn enough money to build a golden bridge from New York to the moon. But this movie, as big as it is, will not be able to attract everybody to the cinemas. After years of investigation (2 minutes) I was able to figure out what kind of people will stay away from this event.

Hope you like it!

They are already dead. Dead people can´t go to cinemas. Right?

They are in jail. Prisoners do not have the right to go to cinemas (but they should).

They live in remote villages where access to cinemas is almost impossible (as it is in Wales).

Photo taken in 2013 in Wales..
Photo taken in 2013 in Wales..

They are boring people who hate fun.

They are part of a weird sect where joy is forbidden.

They are DC-fans and hate everything Marvel-Related.

They made a vote of eternal cinema-chastity in order to purify their souls.

They love more "elevated" kinds of cinema.

Marvel purists who hated the fact that Bruce Banner and Black Widow will have an affair.

My secret? I am hungry all the time.
My secret? I am hungry all the time.

People who are living in caves, away from civilization, waiting for the end of the world (since 2012).

People who consider movies satanic.

People who think that Avengers 2 is a Illuminati-MK-Ultra experiment to brainwash our feeble minds.

Terrence Howard.

Andrew Garfield.

Akari Kekse

Just kidding. I will be thereeee.

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