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In the year 2015 of our dear lord and savior, Batman, we live in a world where comic books movies and TV are everywhere. If you had gone back in time 20 years no one would probably believe you that they made a Guardians of the Galaxy movie or that Batman vs Superman was going to happen. Now the question comes, will these comic book movies continue on or is it just a fad destined to hit a plateau? And if it is destined to end as a fad, what will replace it?

I for one don't think comic book movies will just up and disappear but their is a new renaissance just around the corner that will eat into its market. I am talking about the next renaissance, the Video Game Movie Adaptation Renaissance! Growing up in the early 2000's all of us teens had hopes of video game adaptions. Resident Evil, Doom, Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia were what we got. I am sure, none of you are thinking that these movies were that great. We also had the hope that Neil Blomkamp was going to make a Halo movie with Peter Jackson producing but that never happened. What happened to the bright future of adaptions?

Its happening, and its just right around the corner. You can thank comic book movies for this future Renaissance that is emerging. You see if these comic book movies hadn't of taken off in the past few years, the video game adaptions would be dead in the water right now. Now that these large studios can see that a movie with an anthropomorphic tree and a talking Raccoon can make them money, they are eyeing properties that will also make them money. Hence why we are getting a World of Warcraft movie and a Assassins Creed movie. There are also talks of an Uncharted movie coming on the way and we also got a Sly Cooper animated movie on the way. The next wave is coming and its going to be a hell of a lot of video game adaptions.

Will this kill the comic book movie? No, it will not, but it will introduce a competition to the market that is currently non existing at the moment. I for one see them both duking it out in the summers to come. This for us fans, is a good thing, it means studios will be upping their game to bring us to the box office. Hopefully it means we have many years to come of wonderful adaptions on both sides.


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