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It's International Women's Day this Sunday 8th March 2015. There are many feminist musicians out there (Beyoncé, for example) but how many of us here know about other international artists that are also empowering women?

To celebrate the awesome art of filmmaking and International Women's Day, here are four beautiful music video carefully selected for you... Enjoy!!

1. Jolin Tsai ft. Namie Amuro - I'm Not Yours

Strong, independent and confident, all they want to is to rule their own world!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, I don't Need You Anymore!

You are here to enjoy the visuals and listen to the music but just in case you are curious, one netizen I came across mentioned that this music video is inspired by one of the stories from Extensive Records of The Taiping Era!

2. Viktoria Modesta - Prototype

"Forget what you know about disability" - Some of the scenes in this music video can be disturbing but it shows that amputee artist can exist too!

Now's the time, We're limitless, We're not confined, Its our future...

Unapologetic and optimistic... How can she not be inspiring?

3. Stromae - Tous Les Mêmes

I believe this music video is perfect to balance this post because IWD is not all about women. There are also men who support feminism but how do we actually achieve the much sought-after gender equality? I am not sure myself, maybe everyone should try to understand that men and women can be similar in some aspects as much as they are different and no one is perfect...

All the same, all the same, all the same and we're fed up...

Tous Les Mêmes means "All the Same" in French.

4. Little Mix - Salute

Last but not least, here's a true girl-power song "representing all women"!

You think we're just pretty things, You couldn't be more wrong...

This could easily be approved as a feminist anthem anytime as the girls are passionately recruiting and fighting for gender equality...but what other international artists do you know that make awesome music videos that are empowering women as well? Share it with us via comments below!

PS. I'll share more of my amazing findings on Moviepilot so stay tuned!


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