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It sounds as though Neill Blomkamp's Aliens sequel is set to enter pre-production as early as next week.

While attending the premiere of Blomkamp's latest film Chappie, both the director and star Sigourney Weaver spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the long-awaited fifth installment in the popular sci-fi film franchise.

When asked if whether or not she was coming back to reprise her role as Ellen Ripley, Weaver said she would be retuning for the new film.

"There are two factors [Neill Blomkamp] needs: Ripley and the Aliens," Weaver said.

Director Blomkamp would also confirm Weaver's involvement during the interview, stating: "She'll be in the cast. She is the Alien franchise, to me, so yeah."

Blomkamp would than finish up by confirming that he will begin pre-production on his Aliens sequel as early as next week.

Exciting news indeed! Now, if only we could get official word of Michael Biehn returning!

(Source: Entertainment Tonight)

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