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Constantine premiered on NBC on October 24th at 10pm on NBC right on after Grimm. This pair, Grimm at 9pm and Constantine at 10pm could have been a great mix but as we all know, Friday is basically the death slot of the TV world. However expectations have been made. Hannibal is one of them.

Constantine revolves around John Constantine (Matt Ryan) the sarcastic, 'jackass of all trades, master of none'. In the TV show we get John being a 'Exorcist, Demonologist, and Master of the Dark Arts.' He's willing to do whatever he has to deal with the demon or other bad guy of the episode to save the day. However, John's not exactly the perfect guy to fight for the whole Good VS Evil team.

1x01 The Pilot, Non Est Asylum, shows John dealing with his inner demons inside Ravenscar insane asylum. Ravenscar is one of John's key character points in the comics and TV show. Ravenscar is the asylum that John puts himself in after the event at Newcastle (where a little girl by the named of Astra Logue (Bailey Tippen is damned to Hell). The Newcastle plot is established in the pilot and brought throughout the season. After exorcising a demon while at Ravenscar, John goes off to save a dead friends daughter, Liv Aberdine (Lucy Griffiths). John goes to his old friend Ritchie Simpson (Jeremy Davies), a professor who was apart of the Newcastle event that turned everyones lives to shit. We also meet one of John's only living friends, Chas Chandler (Charles Halford), a cab driver who sticks with John no matter what. John and Chas save Liv who is a budding elemental girl of sorts. She gives John the Skry Map, which becomes a key item for the rest of the season. Liv also gives John the keys to the Mill House, which becomes John's home base for the show. In this episode, we also meet Manny (Harold Perrineau) an Angel who tells John that 'something big is coming' and that he must stop it. Manny can only be seen by John much to his annoyance. His wings are fabulous and his gold contacts are beautiful effect. Ritchie, John and Liv fight off the demon that's been trying to kill off Liv and after Ritchie takes her home, she panics over a death that she believes that her and John could have prevented but didn't. The ending of the episode introduces Zed Martin (Angélica Celaya) in a room drawing John over and over. This is a good pilot, is it the best? No, but it establishes the world we are thrown into the rest of the season. As a major fan of the John Constantine Hellblazer comics, the pilot is a beautiful thing.

Great scene with Liv and John

1x02 The Darkness Beneath shows John off in a Western Pennsylvania mining community where Zed has been staying. Zed is a budding physic who has been drawing John for months on end but she had never actually met him before. Angélica and Matt have great chemistry from the start which really drives this episode. This episode also shows that John can't fight to save his life, which he really can't in the comics so it was nice to see them have that in the show as well. John's the type of guy who will talk his way out of anything rather than physically fighting. This was originally not meant to be the second episode, episode 1x06 Rage of Caliban, was actually the original second episode but after Liv was written out of the show, NBC wanted to establish Zed sooner so the episodes were put in a different order. I personally liked this episode more than the pilot.

Great scene between Zed and John

1x03 The Devil's Vinyl introduces the one and only Papa Midnite (Michael James Shaw), a Voodoo priest and a friendly enemy of John's in the comics and the TV show. Papa Midnite is a great villain who returns in episode 1x05 Danse Vaudo, one of my personal favorites of the season. The 'devil's vinyl' is a great thing for the episode. It basically makes people kill themselves to escape the voice that talks to the listener.

Here's a great scene with John, Zed and Chas

1x04 A Feast of Friends, is the first comic of the Hellblazer series that introduces Papa Midnite in the comic and Gary Lester (Jonjo O'Neill, Matt Ryan's roommate in London). However, in the episode we mainly get Gary coming to John for help after he unleashes a demon onto the world that he originally was able to control but failed. Gary is one of John's friends from Newcastle who has developed a nasty drug problem. Gary sacrifices himself to save the world with John staying by his bedside the entire time. This was a beautiful adaptation of the introduction to the series.

Sad but touching Gary and John moment;

1x05 Danse Vauduo brings John, Chas and Zed to New Orleans where they meet detective Jim Corrigan (Emmett J Scanlan). Jim's down on his luck and thrown into a supernatural killer case but just doesn't know it until he meets John, Chas and Zed. Emmett is great as Jim and is a perfect contrast to John. Jim and Zed have a bit of a past where he touches on her shady past. This was a fun episode with great special effects. This also brings in Papa Midnite again who has been having issues with his magical abilities because of the Rising Darkness that is slowly going on throughout the world.

Chas and one of the ghost villains that's been killing people because of Papa Midnite's fuck ups

1x06 Rage of Caliban, this is the Halloween episode that focuses on John and Chas trying to save a child, Henry (Max Charles). This shows more of John's need to save children after the failure of saving Astra at New Castle where he damned her soul to Hell. John must deal with his issues with children and demons in this episode. As much as I enjoyed the 2nd episode I wish that NBC put this as the 2nd episode because it shows while John is an asshole, he does care.

John and Claire (Laura Regan), the mother of the possessed victim of the week, Henry.

1x07 Blessed Are the Damned brings in the concept of Fallen Angels and John's issue with religion. It also brings in a bit of Zed's past. This also showed Manny dealing with a fallen angel, Imogen (Megan West). This episode shows what happens when an Angels feather is in the hands of the wrong people.

Imogen, Zed, John & Manny spoiler;

1X08 The Saint of the Last Resorts is part 1 of the 2 part arch of the show. This episode brings in Anne-Marie Flynn (Claire van der Boom) the only girl apart of the Newcastle event. Anne-Marie is in Mexico and has an issue of a demon taking children at the church she is a nun at. While she now hates John and his lifestyle, she goes to him for help. Anne-Marie blames herself for John getting into magick because she is the one who got him dabbiling in it. This episode had a great twist where while John, Chas and Anne-Marie are saving the stolen babies from Lammashtu, one of Eve's sisters, and the Invunche demon chasing after them, Anne-Marie shoots John and runs off. We also see a bit of Zed being one badass girl fighting off some of the Resurrection Crusade members of her hidden childhood. A religious cult run by her father. The Resurrection Crusade believe that Zed is the new Mary to birth Christ into the world.

Anne-Marie & John's shoot out scene.

1x09 The Saint of Last Resorts Part 2 shows the after affects of part 1 where John summons a demon to save himself from the Invunche. John lets the demon inside of him and has 48 hours to get it out before he is controlled by the demon. Anne-Marie, Chas and Zed work together to save John from himself and the demon after John went on a killing spree. It was a good episode to fix the broken relationship that Anne-Marie's has with John.

John's exorcism

1x10 Quid Pro Quo is the Chas backstory episode. It establishes how Chas never dies and brings in his ex-wife Renee (Amanda Clayton) and daughter Geraldine (Alexa Nisenson) who falls into a coma caused by a rival mage, Felix Faust (Mark Margolis). This wasn't the lightest episode of the season but it was a good and well deserved backstory.

Great scene with Chas and Faust

1x11 A Whole World Out There brings back in Ritchie where students are disappearing in a Freddy Cruger type death in a horrible dream world after four of students, Adam (Shamier Anderson Shamier Anderson) a student who is doing research with Ritchie, Miranda (Skyler Day) , Lily (Erinn Westbrooke), Carter (William R. Campbell) are dumbasses and do a spell inside a graveyard crypt bringing them into the world of Jacob Shaw (William Mapother). Carter is the first to die making Miranda, Adam and Lily rather nervous. After Carter it is Miranda, than Adam and Lily gets to be the lucky one who makes it out alive. This was a good return for Ritchie to show he's not as much of a pushover as John thinks he is. Ritchie gets to be the hero of the episode and save himself, John and Lily from Shaw and his horrible dream world.

John & Ritchie dealing with some cops.

1x12 Angels and the Minister of Grace shows a bit of Zed's backstory where John asks Manny to help him investigate a mysterious attack at a hospital; a health issue prompts Zed to question her visions. The episode kicks off when a patient is injured and brought to the hospital with black veins throughout her body. This establishes a bit of a two part ark for Zed and brings Manny into the human world briefly while they fight off the villain, Dr. Thomas Galen (Nick Gehlfuss). Galen is an army veteran turned doctor who had a fragment of Eclipso’s Black Diamond wedged in his heart. He has been killing people who turn their backs on a new life. We learn in this episode that Zed's visions are causing a tumor. John demands Manny helps her but he can't. It was a beautifully acted out scene when John forces Manny inside a human body after he rants about blaming himself for Zed's tumor. Matt's acting is very emotional in this scene and shows how he does care for her even if all they do is sarcastically flirt.

Great scene from the episode with John and Chas

1x13 Waiting for the Man brings in a plot from comic #4 where the killer of the week, a bayou redneck simply known as The Man ( J.D. Evermore) was a special brand of twisted. The Man kidnapped young virgins, dressed them in wedding finery, and strangle them to death after a faux wedding. And yeah, he kept their decaying corpses all cozy in a bed surrounded by strips of hanging fly paper. In the comics, his niece Gemma is taken by The Man and him and Zed save her. However in this episode, we see Papa Midnite return because of a bounty on his head by the Brujeria (Rising Darkness). Papa Midnite only does this because the Brujeria promise to bring back his dead sister. We got to see Papa create a voodoo zombie and utilize more of his voodoo powers until some sleight of hand involving a corpse allowed John to take Papa down. Making it all the more painful for John trying to save the newest victim, Amberly (Cassady McClincy), he has to see Corrigan and Zed being adorable. However our dear old Zed is conflicted because she is reminded by the brief vision of Corrigan dead from the first time they met showing him full Spectre that complicated things. Zed just didn’t know how to confront Corrigan with the foretelling of his dark fate. The two kiss at the end of the episode as John see's. He walks out of the bar that he witnesses the two kiss and returns in a new oh so long trench-coat. Manny tells John he's doing well before we get one hell of a plot twist. Manny breaks Papa out of the cop car he is in and tells him the Brujeria work for him. That little scene made me internally scream 'NO MANNY I TRUSTED YOU!' at 3am as to not wake my neighbors.

John & Zed have a fun moment.

Constantine, along with The Flash has been one of my favorite new comic shows of the current TV run. I think the cast all did a great job throughout the season and would love a 2nd season either on NBC or SyFy. Is this show perfect? No. Is it the best superhero show on TV? No, but does it have the potential to be? HELL YES!

So, comment ladies and gentleman! Give me your feels!

You can watch/catch up etc on iTunes for the full season in the US and on Hulu episodes 9-13.


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