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  • This is my first post.

I am a life long star trek fan. I started watching The Next Generation at age 5, and continued to watch it repetitively. I moved to TOS when I was a little older and could appreciate its greatness. I absolutely love DS9, and I even have a special place in my heart for Enterprise, Voyager... Not so much.

To the point of this post though, I as a Trekkie am afraid we may lose Star Trek for a significant time period. I enjoy the new movies, they are fun to watch, but they are not Star Trek. Paramount has failed to catch the essence of Trek in these new movies, isolating the loyal fan base and failing to gain a substantial amount of new fans to justify it. That being said, they CAN save it, and here is how:

It needs to be on TV:

Star Trek at its very core is a television show, the universe we live in as well as the one in Trek, is way too massive to tell appropriate stories in an hour and half or two. Don't get me wrong, Star Trek still has its place on the big screen, but that's to tell the bigger stories they can't fit into an hour long show.

Furthermore, it needs to be a Showtime series. The reason being, Showtime will give the writers and directors more creative freedom and a bigger budget. Not to mention, it is owned by Paramount who will bring in a wave of subscriptions from the loyal fans who don't already have it (me being one of them). We as fans deserve Star Trek to be done right because for years we have come back for each show and movie.

Boldly go on, and leave the past in the past:

Tell us a new story, set in a stardate we know nothing about!!! Star Treks greatest triumph came from doing just that, when TNG brought us to a new time, a new captain, and a new crew. As Trekkies we love cameos (though, I'm not excited about the return of Shatner in ST3) but we need a show set apart from TOS, or the TNG time period. Bryan Singers pitch was really solid from what I have read except, even he drew on the name of Kirk. Trek has to let go to move forward, because until they do, it will lack the originality we so love about it.

Follow the DS9 platform:

What I mean by this is, give a show continuity and a strong story arch. Like DS9 it can still be a new mission or objective in each new show but overall take us to a planned end that we have been waiting for and following for 7 years. Also, (and I might get killed for this) allow it to be a little dark and gritty if it serves the story. I personally would love to see a story based on rogue ship fleeing from a corrupt Federation under the protection of the Klingon Empire or Vulcan (Paramount you can find me on Facebook for the pitch lol). Lastly on this topic, all of the Star Trek shows have had great characters, but even though DS9 lacked a major stand out character, you felt like you knew the DS9 cast personally, because of the relationships you watched them build with one another.

Be bold:

Star trek has never been afraid to address the issues of our society, and because of that, growing up with star trek made me a more accepting and kind person. A new Star Trek should push boundaries and address our political, racial, and religious differences and landscapes. Gene Roddenberry was never afraid to do it and neither should Paramount.


To break it down simply, give us something new and bold but don't forget the things that make Star Trek well..... Star trek, because the world deserves Star Trek and the core of what it stands for.

Agree or disagree? Tell me about it below.


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