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HORROR HORROR HORROR.... You can tell what genre I love the most right?

Now if you're a major horror fan like I am, I'm sure you would have found the above image just as funny as I did! I mean Memes, they're funny right? They're even funnier when used in context of your favourite genre of movie. I find a lot of meme's great, but I find the ones that I can relate to easily even better. So let's take a look at a few of the Horror genre memes posted by you lovely people of the world!

I'm not going to lie, I am the exact same. When you're a true horror fan you have to make that face, regardless of if it offends the other person's choice of film/genre. It doesn't mean we are actually trying to offend.. We just love it so much that we find it difficult when someone says they don't!

This Meme is perfect because every time it happens in a Horror, we are all like: WHAT?! NO! STAY AWAY! DO NOT GO INTO THE BASEMENT, THE KILLER IS THERE! and every time without fail the poor defenceless victim heads down into the basement or into the garage, or up into the attic and gets brutally killed... But hey! A Horror wouldn't be a Horror without the victim doing just that. Imagine if the victim turned around and said actually no I'm going straight out of the door, down the road to town and straight to the police station... well then... that would be that! Where's the fun? So let's stick to the absurdity of what is assumed as what a normal person would do and go straight to where the action is... down in the basement!

This meme is priceless. Not only is it an image from 1931's Dracula (OLDSCHOOL which is the best), but it has complete truth in it's tale! After all those who cannot grow old or rot or die will naturally be better looking than most of us especially when we start to age! Don't be disheartened though! We don't suck blood from others or live for forever wandering the earth or stuck in a big ol' mansion lonely and sad! We live out our days with the ones we love, so stay positive and healthy peeps!


What favourite Horror films would you like to see in the form of Meme's?!

If you want more Horror memes make sure you comment and ask! And PLEASE comment your thoughts!


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