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So as we all know The "Breaking Bad" spin off series "Better Call Saul" is up and running. And let me tell you it is a great TV show already. If you are at all like me, you would be waiting like crazy for every Monday to come on by and show up with another great episode. But there will always be something missing... Heisenberg (Walter White), Jesse Pinkman, and Hank. Okay so there may be more than on thing missing but you get the point. According to Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) himself

“Anything Vince is involved with, I’m there, [...] I owe him my entire career. And the idea of jumping into the skin of Jesse Pinkman again in his lighter days — because it’s all a prequel — it would be fun.”

But he has also commented that Jesse and Walt if the Were to premiere would be after the first season.... But that means there is still a chance for our favorite methslinger to come back. And here are some ways that our favorite characters from "Breaking bad" can come back

Walter White:

Car Wash: As we all know Walter White was an employee at the A1 car wash as a side job when he was a chemistry teacher. This way is very basic and brief but will be a nice little call back into the world of Walter. All this would consist of is Saul needing to get a car wash and when he is there Walter just happens to be the one washing his car or the one behind the cash register. Even though this one be easy to do it would be a good salute to the fans.

School: For Walter's real job it was a high school Chemistry teacher. He was supposedly really good at it as we learned in a deleted scene at the end of the series. So lets say a kid gets in trouble and Saul needs to go to the school and ask negotiate with the teacher. The scene can be Saul walking in to the principals office and Walter in his outrageous state of mind is screaming at the kid for doing something stupid in his class. Then Saul negotiates with Walter and they get it worked out.

Obviously these scenes would have to be really short and quick because in the first season of "Breaking Bad" Walt seems to not know the guy at all so they would have to be short enough not to leave a memory for Walter to live on with.

Jesse Pinkman:

Small time Drug-deal: In this cameo Jesse Pinkman can have been caught by the DEA for a small time drug deal (of course this could also call back Hank!!). So the DEA can hash it out with Jesse until he calls Saul because he doesn't have a lawyer. This would be great to relive a scene that happens many other times and it can show where it all started. This could also be a whole episode where Jesse can go to court and all that and then be saved by Saul in the end and get out of it.

Funny Scene: In this scene Jesse is walking down the street carrying something and Saul comes out of a door accidentally knocking the thing out of Jesse hands. Meth falls out of the bag. Upon seeing this fall out of the bag Saul starts running off in to the distance as Jesse yells at him "Come back here bitch." A call back to all "Breaking bad" fans.

Hank Schrader:

Reporting to duty: So lets say a major crime happens and Hank happens to see it all happen making him a Witness. Then the crime ends up in court and the the defendant calls Saul to his defense and Hank is prosecuting. This hole courts scene can start their relationship. It can also be taken out of court to where Saul is pleading to Hank to help his defendant. All in all Saul loses the case but the Origins of Saul and Hanks Relationship is shown.

All though all these ideas are very unlikely to happen it would be great. And I do believe that if the creators do plan on bringing back the old cast for a cameo it will be much better than these. But thanks for reading my first post. If you got this far. Ill continue with part two later. Thanks Bitch


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