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When regular people create certain aspects of art whether it's drawing, computerized graphics, painting, hell even Bending long pieces of steel; it can have a profound impact of what comes out of it. What my friend Dina does is extraordinary while at the same time builds a level of fitness very few women achieve. Don't be fooled by just the artwork, the way she trains is just as bad-ass as her graphics and it's not even close to scratching the surface. From the looks of this headlined photo, that dragon is in a whole mess of trouble and she looks like she can dominate among the vikings.

I can't help but wonder if this artwork would be used as a drawing board for a beautifully made fantasy film based on a warrior goddess. She almost looks like an older version of Gabrielle from Xena: Warrior Princess if she aged an extra ten years (although Dina looks more like younger than I'am in this photo). That would be a killer movie to make, a film about Gabby in her later years but even more bad-to-the-bone powerful as the Amazonian-Queen. She definitely looks like she can maybe upstage Wonder Woman it has that type of quality.

While Gabby is writing her scrolls on her off days, she's taking out god-like creatures with Xena as her ghostly guide by her side. With Dina's Training and the way this artwork can be utilized into a film it's perfect in more ways than one. You can't get anymore awesome than these and it's a shame this Viking-Powered woman isn't getting calls. She's incredibly athletic, got skills that even Renee O'Conner wished she had. Just the look alone ought to give her a shot. She even looks like should be Uma Thurman's Stunt Double for Kill Bill it's that awesome.

Man it's amazing how some people don't get recognized when they have qualities that are far better qualified than most people care to look for. This woman lives and breathes fitness and I would reference her any day of the week to vouch her for a flick. There are three types of things in this world:

1. Awesome People

2. Incredibly Gifted Individuals

3. There's this woman with the Artwork added in.

If you don't read this and not be in awe of this artwork, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Take it with what you will but a spin-off of Xena should start with Dina Enggaard.


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