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Am I the only one that after hours of game play on an amazing game has looked down at it and gone wow this would be a great movie? Looking at Resident Evil or Tomb Raider probably not but than not every game would be a smash hit. I'm looking at you Super Mario Brothers. Even at the age of nine I could see the holes in that train wreck. But I digress. This is a list of movies that I would love to see at the theater.

5) Ib

Life is but a dream...or more like a twisted nightmare.

A young girl goes to a art museum before being sucked into a nightmarish painting world where everything is trying to kill you. Surprised no one's thought of that before. She's a sweet girl that only wants to go home and with the help of an older teen named Gray they journey through the world.

No romance in this one, if anything Gray becomes an older brother to her, wanting to protect her at any cost. Pretty sweet for the guy since he could have just left her there to fend for herself or just leave her in the hands of Mary a too sweet girl that really needs a friend or maybe not.

While the game has a few different endings depending on what you did, if it actually was made into a movie hopefully they'd pick the good ending.

4) Mad Father

Like Father like Daughter. What is it with RPG's and their love of young heroines? The world may never know.

So little Aya lives with her father who happens to be a deranged serial killer that likes to turn his victims into dolls...this actually sounds slightly familiar. What's worse is Daddy dearest is also after Aya because it won't be too long before she loses her own doll like beauty. Lucky or unlucky depending how you look at it Aya escapes her father only to move away and become the same wicked monster.

Twisted, creepy and all around messed up...yeah I'd watch it.

3) Lux Pain

What this game lacks in translation it more than makes up in story and character development. Saijo is an undercover agent for FORT on a mission to rid the world of the Silent infection. The Silent causes those infected to murder or commit suicide. He's constantly haunted by his father's and little sister's death as the world around him becomes more and more infected.

Again no romance for the main hero but than it would distract from the main story but than not all movies need a leading couple.

2) 9 doors 9 persons 9 hours

999... On board of a sinking replica of the Titanic Junpei along with 8 other people only have 9 hours to escape from the mad man known as Zero. The only thing you're sure of is your own memories. Trust the wrong person and you're dead normally with an ax in your back or your head only to be brought back to the same room you began in.

Finally some romance, kind of. Junpei spots an old school friend nicknamed June but something's a little off about the young woman. I mean she won't be Zero right?

1) Five nights at Freddy's

Okay the rest you can see RPGs all around with clear story lines, but this? A night guard that doesn't move from one spot while animatronic characters try to murder him. What kind of movie would this be?

If done right (and even if done wrong) I'd probably go see it! A pizza place haunted by the souls of five murdered children seem odd but when you dig deep into the story you realize sure they want to murder the night guard, but only because a night guard's the one that did it.

Come for the jump scares and stay for Foxy. I mean he was always my favorite anyway.


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