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Harry potter is one of the best book series ever put to paper. It has 7 awesome books, 8 awesome movies, and millions of fan-fiction over the internet (Don't go searching for it). While a small (annoying) percent find evil and have gone so far as banning from libraries (unconstitutional), which goes to show how much influence the books have on it. But since its been 4 years since the last Harry potter movie, and warner brothers are hobbitting a trilogy of movies based on a Hogwarts textbook. I think there should be more solid footing for the Harry Potter fandom showing that "We are still here"! and what better way to start it off than with the greatest wizard of all time

the pope of love
the pope of love

Albus Dumbledore

The deathly Hallows Part 2 Was probably the best film out of all 8 movies. That aside the only flaws is that it skipped over several important parts but it was done so well that it didn't matter (The 2nd curse rebounding, Harry addressing and taunting Voldemort as "Tom", Lupin telling everyone he has a son, how harry is evan in King's Cross in the first place, and fixing the phoenix wand). But the one true irritation is in fact Dumbledore's tragic backstory. Like so

  • How he broke his nose
  • His obsession with power'
  • Grindawald (don't know how to spell that)
  • Godrics Hallow
  • Mr Dumbledore
  • Mrs. Dumbledore
  • Ariana Dumbledore
  • The three way duel between Grindawald, Aberforth and Albus
  • The Hallows (they glossed over it)

Its a real shame that we didn't get this in any of the movies. So I propose

The Albus Dumbledore Trilogy

And here is the plan for it

Let it begin with the Death of His mother

His path to greatness is shattered at the moment, as he has to go and take care of his sick sister and his disturbed brother (goats). While he does love them he feels it bellow himself to take care of them.

Enter Grindelwald

This shows the Dark Side of Dumbledore as he is persuaded by this young man and is heavily tempted by the hollow. And show the neglect that he is showing his family. And show Dumbledore starting to fancy him

The first duel

Then the climax of the first film is the three-way duel between the brothers and Grindelwald. And end with the consequences of his actions.

The second movie begins with Dumbledore as professor at Hogwarts

Here Years after his confrontations with Grindelwald he humbles a bit then he hears about Grindelwald's rise to power. Here Dumbledore feels regret to about what happened (Insert drama here)

Then she the two's final duel

Have the two battle out for the fate of the elder wand and show. And with Grindelwald's Final defeat reveals the Dumbledore we all know and love today.


With a dark note, end year later has to pick up a lung wizard for school by the name of Tom Riddle

Dumbledores Suspicion

Starts out with a series of flashback on You know who's time in Hogwarts and his overall achievements that he was know for. The later show the rise of Voldemort and how Evil he is

The Formation of the Order of the Phoenix

Show how the order came together. Have Alberforth and Albus. Several battle with the death eaters and how close Voldemort came to ruling the country and Voldemort's attack on the potters.

4 Privet Drive

The celebration of the defeat of the dark lord. Show the curiosity of Dumbledore, and his speculation that Voldemort is truly dead. At the same time show Sirius Black Discovery of Peter Pettigrew betrayal. Then end the movie with Dumbledore telling Hagrid to meet him at Privet Drive and the movie ends with Dumbledore getting his Deluminater and showing up at 4 Privet Drive, bringing the series to a close.

We Need This

Little people know what made Dumbledore such a powerful man. How he had lost it all. His rise in power and why Lord Voldemort Actually fears him. Also There are many questions about the Marauders and Pre Marauders Era. There question should be answered with the life of the greatest sorcerer of all time.

That is my plan for a Dumbledore Trilogy. I personally think Alfonso Cuarón should direct the trilogy. What do you think? Should we get a Dumbledore movie?


Should Dumbledore get his own movie


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