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Just to be clear, this is about directors who are in the prime of their careers so unfortunately directors like Cronenberg and Scorsese will not be featured on this list seeing as although they still make decent film, they aren't making films to the same quality they were (I mean "the wolf of wall street" vs "the king of comedy", hardly even a competition). Also to point out, this is strictly my opinion so before you get angry (which you probably will) remember this just my opinion

5. Steve McQueen

Starting off with 2008's Hunger, McQueen has gone from strength to strength in his career.

After directing last years best picture winner (And was actually the best film of the year) 12 years a slave he has now cemented his name as a force to be reckoned with in the film making business due to the fact that 12 years a slave is for all intents and purposes a master piece.

Also I haven't even gotten around to Shame yet which is just a phenomenal piece of film making with a career best performance from one of my favorite actors Michael Fassbender. Steve McQueen is a director that can tackle difficult subjects and does do every time he has made a film and completely nails them and that's why he is on this list.

4. David Fincher

Even if you take " seven" and "fight club" out of the equation Fincher has still had an amazing career in regards to the films he has made. Last years Gone girl was one of the best films of the year and was surprisingly left out of this years oscars for its score, adapted screenplay and cinematography. With Gone girl Fincher has pretty much gotten everyone off Ben Affleck's back about playing batman (which is gonna suck anyway because it's directed by Zack Snyder not because Affleck plays batman) Fincher also put Rosamund Pike on the map and show us that putting Neil Patrick Harris in everything doesn't always pay off ( he was good at the oscars.. sort of).

Now rewind back to 2007 and Fincher has made a modern classic and somehow made a fantastic serial killer without having a serial killer and gets great performances from Jake Gyllenhaal as Robert Graysmith a newspaper cartoonist who become obsessed in the zodiac killings and Mark Ruffalo as David Toschi the detective in charge of the zodiac case and Robert Downey jr as Robert Downey jr (himself, chaplin and tropic thunder are pretty much his entire catalogue). zodiac in my opinion is Fincher 2nd best film behind his pièce de résistance (I think it means piece of resistance) the Social network (or the facebook movie) which is brilliantly written by Aaron sorkin and superbly directed by (what was his name again). The social network is a captivating and unbelievably entertaining film which was beaten to 2011's best picture by The kings speech (Yes, seriously). Also Se7en and Fight club are great too if you need more convincing.

3. Wes Anderson

Wasn't The Grand Budapest hotel absolutely brilliant? Didn't Anderson deserve this years best director award? not quite sure? well the answer is yes.

Wes Andersons style is noticeable from a mile away and what a style that is. So visually wonderful all of his film are an absolute treat to look at and finally won a well deserved oscar for cinematography this year...(oh wait) well at least he won for best director ..(aw cmon seriously) well still. Grand Budapest, Moonrise kingdom, rushmore and the royal tenenbaums are all examples of some of the best comedies in recent memory and also Fantastic Mr.Fox is a film that literally anyone can watch and enjoy thoroughly.

In conclusion Wes Anderson is great and deserved this years oscar for best director also WHY WASN'T RALPH FIENNES NOMINATED FOR BEST ACTOR. Well the oscar are stupid lets leave it at that

2. Paul Thomas Anderson

Does much really need to be said apart from There will be blood. Which is one of the greatest movies ever made. Inherent vice is probably his worst film he has made but is still a good film. He has also never won an oscar which shows that the academy get almost everything wrong (they're just really stupid). PTA is one of my favourite film makers of all time.

Every single one of his films are well written, brilliantly directed and beautifully shot and whether the score be by Jon Brion or Jonny greenwood you are always certain to get a wonderful score. I just really like Paul Thomas Anderson.

1. Christopher Nolan

Okay, calm down and just hear me out here. Have you seen Inception? if you answered either

  • No
  • yes its fantastic
  • yes but not for a while
  • yeah. I didn't get it

Okay well, go back and watch it again and take it all in and come to the realization that it is a misunderstood masterpiece. this movie deserved the best picture in 2010 and for some reason Nolan wasn't even nominated for the award he deserved most, Best director (Tom Hooper beat him and Fincher but mostly HE BEAT NOLAN. how?). also apart from Inception you still have memento and insomnia and Interstellar. oh and the Dark knight trilogy which started out by shocking everyone with Batman begins which to every ones surprise wasn't bad and was actually really good and then he made the Dark knight which blew every ones by being well the dark knight, everyone knows how good that film is.

Nolan also gets so much criticism for some of his works for example, the plot holes in The Dark knight rises or the ending of interstellar. the dark knight rises does have plot holes but it is still a great and Tom hardy is brilliant as bane and Anne Hathaway is great as catwoman.

In regards to Interstellar, I also didn't love the ending but for two and a half hours it is a phenomenal film and is one of the best of the year. When he falls into the black hole I didn't think it got completely ludicrous I just went along with it and then he woke up in the hospital and flys off to find Hathaway I was quite annoyed and thought it just tried to wrap it up to nicely.

Nolan is on the top of this list because I think he is a genius film maker and he treats his audience intelligently and I am more excited when I hear of a new Nolan film than any other film maker.

Do you Agree or disagree? If you think I missed out on any directors please leave a comment below


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