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So the Hulkbuster is now out for Preorder on-line i have already preordered mine off PopCultureZone.Com.

If your going to pick this up Beware the price is very high if you buy from any other site you will be looking at paying $824.99-$1000 for this monster of a beast.

Popculturezone has him on sale for $759 which is pretty cheap yeah that a lot of money but hes worth every penny.

This figure stands at 21-inches tall so he towers over the Hulk which he should be.

Now this is one problem i have with this & that being the release date on this guy he doesn't come out until 2016 a whole year to wait but the plus is if your trying to say up for him now is your chance to !

I would say this is a must have for any Avengers Fan or Hulkbuster Fan !

Apr 2016 - Jun 2016 release date not confirmed Hot-Toys have said this as this is what they think when it might be done to ship to the collectors around the world their has been a couple times where the figure has come out earlier then expected !


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