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So far, my excitement for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie has failed to meet any bounds, I- till this day, still continue to keep tabs with this movie awaiting all and any new details, with the help of movie plot of course. So, I've decided to create an alternative ending for Batman Assault on Arkham. I absolutely loved the movie, It had a vast amount of potential. It was also successful in keeping me In an undeniable feeling or thirst for more. So, here's what I’d make happen in the end of the movie.

How happy I am !
How happy I am !

For those who have not seen the movie (SPOILERS ALERT) The team managed to get the bombs implanted in their neck disabled.But, there worry did not end there, they also managed to Free the Joker in which he escaped with the bomb he hid in Harleys hammer.Deadshot managed to catch the Joker where they brawled followed by Batman, crashing into a construction site. They were separated to where it was Batman vs Harley and Deadshot vs Joker… and thus are story continues...

….With knowledge of the Suicide Squads betrayal,as well as a tampered pride due to the acceptance of finally being out-bested, Amanda Waller , felt nothing but obliged to make a call. Soon, a smile took homage across her bloated cheeks. “ Consider it done. “ A dark figure softly said within the other line of the phone, but in no way shape or form did this voice lack pure aggression as well as the potential to strike fear in the heart of those who encountered it.

…..Meanwhile, Deadshot and Joker traded punches Both, refusing to hold back a punch. The way they threw down made it seem as if they held years of aggression built up in contempt for each other.

“ Woo - hoo.. Whoa..HO ! “ Joker shouted bobbing and weaving past Deadshots blows.

“Hmmm.. I do wonder.. what is it did Harley see in you.. Theres something about you that just doesn't.. BANG ! “ Joker exclaimed at Deadshot while narrowing his pistol at Deadshots eyes. To his surprise a white flag with the letters “BANG” encrypted in its center shot from its end.

“...Huh?.. That wasn’t it..Hey ! time out “ Joker commanded reaching for his other pistol, Deadshot paused for a brief second with a slight disbelief. Joker quickly pulled out another pistol narrowing it at the center of Deadshots nose. ‘ AHA ! Here it i- “ Joker quickly shouted in joy only to have been intercepted by a brief punch to the center of his nose by Deadshots fist.

Joker fell back; a firm grasp on his nose which leaked of blood. “ HEY ! I said time out ! didn't your mother ever teach you to play fair ! “ Joker shouted with complete frustration. His pistol still in his grasp, but Deadshot remained prepared with his wrist turret aimed at Joker as well.

The two remained at gunpoint, all that was left was who would be the first to take the shot.The answer was shortly given, as the two both shot in sync with each other. The two watched as the bullets met at the center. Only, to have been knocked off completely by a third.

“ Step off Clown,Deadshots mine. “ A voice would have said from the comfort of the shadows.

then he slowly walked out, there fully dressed and ready for battle stood Deathstroke. A sword in his right grasp and a pistol in his left.

“ Deathstroke ?.. Tch, did Waller send you. “ Deadshot asked out of pure frustration.

“ Who sent me.. shouldn't matter much to a dead man .. . “ Deathstroke quickly responded.

“ Deathstroke ?... Waller ? hmm I wonder what kind of Strokes he’s serving that dear ole Waller, If you get my drift .. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! “ Joker said, breaking into laughter from his own joke.

“ Your incompetence..never fails to amuse me,Clown.”

“ Slade. “ A voice said from behind Deathstroke, In came Batman after finally putting down Harley Quinn.

“ BATS ! You’re just in time for the party !!! “ Joker shouted launching both his arms in mid air.He smiled and laughed dancing and prancing around the room. Then suddenly his demeanor changed to one cynical and sinister, “ Now..who’s up for a little.. REFRESHMENTS !! “ Joker shouted shooting a couple rounds at Deadshots feet, who quickly ran his feet back. Launching an abrasive blow into the chin of the Joker. Only to have met an elbow to the gut by Deathstroke. Deadshot tripped among his feet, Deathstroke lifted his sword and in the midst of swinging it down vertically onto Deadshot. Batman quickly intercepted it with a Batarang.

The sword fell from Deathstrokes grasp, Deathstroke now infuriated turned his pistol at Batman and began to fire rounds. Batman, quickly rushed past the bullets and launched a kick into Deathstrokes abdomen. Deathstroke , fell back nearly falling to his death to the lack of walls the construction site held. He quickly caught his balance with two poles at his side, Batman using this to his advantage by launching his share of blows. Deathstroke quickly, planted his foot on Batmans cape throwing his balance off long enough for him to launch a headbutt. Batman was knocked back….

Meanwhile, Deadshot using the distraction to his advantage quickly aimed to shoot at Joker.But, with speed along with his agility allowed Joker to stab a blade into Deadshots hand

.”AGH !! “Deadshot cried.

“ Oh ! Don’t give out on me just yet ! .. the fun is far from over….” Joker said with a sinister tone, reaching for another blade raising it over Deadshots shoulder, Deadshot quickly caught sight of his target in the hand of another. His pride forcing his body past the Batman.

“ NO ! “ Deathstroke shouted catching the Joker by his wrist, Joker quickly pulled from his grasp and launched a punch. Deathstroke quickly pulled back, only to have retracted his head going in for another headbutt, Joker quickly rolled back, stars and ducks could be seen racing around his forehead. Deadshot quickly rolled along side Joker only to have lifted himself back to his feet, him and Deathstroke trading punches of their own. Batman pulling to Deathstrokes side launched a few punches himself. Pretty soon it was Deadshot and Batman vs Deathstroke. Deathstroke remained in the middle of the two holding them off, trading punches with them both.

Deathstroke was nearly beaten until Joker dug a blade into Deadshots shoulder, Batmans eyes widen but Deadshot did not falter he quickly turned to where his back was against Batman's, from there Batman held his own against Deathstroke, while Deadshot held his own against Joker.

From time to time, Batman and Deadshot would trade combatants. Until finally, Batman out bested Joker to where he’d fall among his back stunned. Batman and Deadshot would have both launched a punch to both sides of Deathstroke forcing him to tremble to his knees. Batman would quickly wrap Deathstroke in his strongest rope.

“ PUDDING ! “ Harley Quinn would have woken up only to have seen her Mr.J unconscious.....-or so she thought, she ran to his side, Joker quickly caught a firm grasp on her neck. He held himself behind her using her as shield with a knife aimed at her throat .

“ AHAHA ! Well.. Well.. now how about that for a change of events !....any of you make a move and I'm painting the walls with her blood ! “ Joker shouted.

“Mr...J ?..” Harley softly said.. not out of fear, but of shock. She couldn't believe it, she was a fool to have trusted him again. Then with pure frustration she yelped a great yelped. before biting his hand.

“ AHH ! Why you ?! “ Joker shouted, aiming to plant his blade into his chest but quickly Deadshot shot his shoulder. Joker taking a bullet to his shoulder yelped Harley Quinn quickly threw a knee his groin grabbing the blade and jamming it right into his eye, she then ended the series by shoving him through the the rather large opened area of the construction site.

“ NOOOOOOOO ! “ Batman would have shouted, he quickly sprinted towards the two. Quickly he attempted to grab the Joker, missing him slightly.

Joker had fallen, his laughs can be heard everywhere. They were so close, they played like a memory or a broken record. It continued to repeat and repeat. Batman, turned to have seen Harley and Deadshot gone, he turned back to the city below him… to have seen no sign of Jokers body.

2 days later…

The scene would open up, on Amanda infuriated standing over her desk staring at two of the bombs she implanted into the teams neck on her desk coded in blood.


Deadshot would have been driving a Red corvette down an empty road, shades on with a wide smile. His daughter and Harley in the back seat playing Barbie, Deadshot would have forged his hand into a gun aiming it at the sun.

"Bang ! "

Credits would have rolled , finally after credits. Joker would have been sealed in a chair, located in a dark room, his eye bandaged. Lex Luthor calmly walked in a smile on his face. “ Joker, I'm a fan. “ he would have said his arms planted behind his back.

“ Oh ?.. hand me a gun and I’ll give you an autograph “ Joker responded a bit drowsy.

“ Ha funny, Joker I want to recruit you to a team. “ Lex softly said

“ A team ? “ Joker asked

“ Yes, ever heard of the Injustice League ? “

Other members of the Injustice League would have emerged from the shadows.

The end, this would have been an amazing ending in my opinion. I hope you enjoyed, cause I really enjoyed writing this !


What do you ?


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