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"I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I so-"

Wash was cut short as a massive spike shot through the front of Serenity, cleaving a barricade between him and his wife, who was accompanied by Mal. A piece of debris had broken off of the ceiling of the bridge, striking Wash in the forehead and knocking him unconscious. From his slumped posture and the narrow tickle of blood running down his scalp, Zoe feared the worst. However, in her frantic and delirious state, she thought that the spike had impaled him.

"Wash, honey? Talk to me baby!" She yelled as Mal attempted to pull her away.

"Zoe!" Mal yelled as he tackled her out of the way of another incoming spike. He finally succeeded in pulling her away and they left the ship before the Reavers had a chance to show up.

Zoe was stricken with grief. She had just witnessed the love of her life killed in front of her, but Mal was right. If they didn't run, and now, the Reavers would kill them, and worse.

They regrouped with the others in a medium-sized rectangular room where Mal and Jayne instantly started to barricade the room with storage crates. It was Kaylee who noticed the irregularity. "Wait Wash, where's Wash?" she asked nervously.

"He ain't coming." Zoe responded as calmly as she could, while shoving a shotgun shell in her trusty firearm. Kaylee's face went blank as her and the rest of the crew tried to process what she just said.

"C'mon, let's move these gorram crates!" Jayne ordered, stressing the urgency of the situation. The crew hesitantly obliged.

Meanwhile, back on Serenity...

Wash cracked open his eyes, his head throbbing from the injury. He came to his senses enough to notice the Reavers running past the battered ship. His initial reaction was to panic, but he had to keep calm. Any sudden movements would alert the Reavers to the fact that he was not dead, so he remained slumped until the last Reaver ran past, into Mr. Universe's compound.

Once the coast was cleared, he unbuckled his restraints and rose to his feet. He instantly became dizzy, but he fought past it. His hands instantly went to a compartment near him, where he kept a pistol stashed. Even though his wife was Zoe, a tough, hardened soldier, it never hurt to be safe while living the life of a criminal.

Wash made sure to make every move as silent as possible as he exited Serenity. Glancing back and forth, he was unable to see any Reavers, although he could hear them screaming along with the thumping and clicking of gunfire to the left. He stood there in bewilderment. His wife and friends were fighting for their lives, but he couldn't just charge in. He would end up as Reaver bait in seconds. Instead, he looked to his right, at the large Reaver vessel.

If he knew anything about the Reavers, other than what they do to their victims, it's that they do everything in a pack. They would have charged his friends in a group, leaving their ship unattended. He started towards the ship, hoping to find something more powerful to break through to his friends.

As soon as he boarded the ship, he gagged at the stench. Rotted flesh, dried blood, and some unrecognizable brown liquid covered the entirety of the interior. He peeked into every room he came across, finding only decaying carcasses and various sharp implements, until he came across a large storage crate. He had only just started to open it when a screech from behind stopped him.

Back with the crew...

"Gorram it!" Jayne exclaimed, clutching his shoulder where a bullet just struck. He ducked down behind the cargo bin and put instant pressure on the wound. Zoe continued to let loose a stream of bullets, each one striking with purpose. The rest of the crew shot awkwardly. A series of darts shot out from the Reavers and each one struck a place on Kaylee's neck.

"Kaylee!" Simon yelled, as she lowered to the ground.

On the Reaver ship...

Wash barely had time to turn around before the Reaver lunged at him. He aimed his pistol and shot wildly, making sure that the Reaver went down and stayed down. Unfortunately, the ship wasn't as desolate as Wash thought, and two more Reavers rushed towards him. Wash noticed that he had four bullets left in the pistol. He pumped the first three rounds into the closest Reaver, sending it to the ground. Realizing his options, he turned the gun to himself. Better to get it over with quickly right?


The second Reaver dropped to the ground and woman with fiery red hair stood holding a pistol.

"You must be the happiest man in the 'verse to see me standing here honey." Saffron said, lowering her pistol.

"Saffron? What the, how did you?" Wash stuttered, dumbfounded to see the woman who had tried to back-stab them several times in the past.

"Oh hush sweetie, it's simple." Saffron explained "I was conning a lieutenant on the Armageddon when all Alliance ships were sent to intercept the Serenity. I couldn't help but be intrested in what petty crimes Mal had gotten himself 'twixt into. That man always seems to know where the action is. Speaking of action, it seems like you found some."

Wash then explained everything, from being shot down by the Reavers, to being knocked out, to his search from weapons. Saffron smiled, then said "You need weapons? I think I may have a few I can part with."

Back to the crew...

The crew of the Serenity had retreated behind the blast doors where they awaited Mal's return. He had gone to broadcast the video that they had found at Miranda, and he had been gone a suspiciously long time. Simon was tending to Kaylee, who was struggling to stay lucid. He had almost forgotten his medical bag, but River had grabbed it before they closed the blast doors behind them. At first the doors seemed like the would have trouble closing, but they closed just in time to shut out the Reavers.

"Jayne, how much ammo we got?" Zoe asked, checking the clip on her shotgun."Not enough. Gorram it, Mal better get here soon." Jane responded.

"How are you feeling mei-mei?" Inara asked as Simon continued his medical treatment.

"The rooms lookin' garbled up a bit it all." Kaylee managed, her eyes struggling to concentrate on her surroundings.

A loud booming noise on the other side of the blast doors caught all of their attention. "What was that?" Inara asked. River looked at the control panel of the door intently.

"They're trying to bust down the door." Zoe guessed, although she had nothing to explain the sounds of short bursts of gunfire that followed.

"I can stop them." River said. "I can stop them."

"What? No River." Simon replied immediately.

"If they keep trying they'll break through Simon. You take care of me Simon. You've always taken care of me." she said affectionately. "Now it's my turn." She ran towards the door and slammed the control panel, causing the doors to slowly open. Jayne and Zoe readied their guns to provide cover fire, but what they saw was not expected.

"Wash!" Zoe yelled as she threw her gun down and ran towards him. He and Saffron stood there heavily-armed among a score of Reaver bodies strewn about. Zoe pulled Wash into a violent hug and kissed him. Saffron addressed the rest of the crew.

"Is it just me or are there less of you than usual?" Saffron asked.

"We lost the Shepherd in Haven, and Mal..." Jayne didn't get to finish, as the whirring sound of the elevator behind them finished his sentence for him. Mal walked out of the elevator bloodied and bruised, but victorious.

The rest of the ending is more or less the same. The Alliance shows up, the Operative tells them to stand down, and the crew of Serenity is victorious. The only differences are that the funeral has one less grave (long love Wash) and Saffron makes up for her constant betrayals by helping the crew rebuild Serenity.


What did you think of the ending?


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