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The reviews are in! This one comes from Horreur-web and is translated into English.

"If It makes you feel any better, my car got tossed onto- the hot chick I Was Hoping to bang tonight!"

Where to start? Muck , which means "mud" in French, as shown on the cover, is to take the second degree. To appreciate this work that has the word worship written in big red letters on the front, one must be aware from the outset that we are in the presence of a tribute assumed to old B movies.

As the consequences of Hatchet , Muck begins where the previous chapter left us, although such a chapter does not exist! Five friends flee from an unknown threat in a swamp. They have lost two of their friends face this threat known and have not been spared. They find refuge in an unoccupied summer home near the scene of the tragedy. The building did not have a phone, one of them proposes to go find help in the neighboring town. That's when a bunch of bald albino killers and advanced to clean the house.

According Muck , here are the things to do when you are pursued by a clan of bloodthirsty killers:

1. Undress to wash in a lake.

2. Go to the nearest bar to ask for help and cruiser girls instead.

3. Do not call the police. A distant cousin will do.

4. Get the background music to properly clean in the shower.

5. Stopping at the house of a stranger to watch a beautiful girl to change.

Pre-order Muck on Itunes or download on Amazon NOW!
Pre-order Muck on Itunes or download on Amazon NOW!

For those who are able to engulf the defects and clichés of the slasher, Muck is the film for you add to the top of the list of 2015 must-haves! The first film of Steve Wolsh transcends homage and so bad it's good. It is a hybrid of The Hills Have Eyes and Scream would have been directed by a disciple of Jim Wynorski. And I do not launch its references to chance. The city in which the action takes place is called West Craven !! West Craven ... !!

Muck is highly (deliberately?) awkward, but so enticing (read macho if you are a woman), stylish and entertaining. This recipe is composed only of sugar, packed with clichés times irrationally point I almost trample my wrist strength to take notes. The stupidity of the characters is such that it reaches the level of absurdity. They hold a doctorate in the art of making wrong decisions. The film also contains the "why do not you call the police? "The most irritating of all time. In this case, the offending character launches "I might have had to call the police" at the most inopportune moment. I agree!

The work offers us no contextualization. It starts out with a bang, leaving the viewer into nothingness. The tone and structure are individuals. The script refuses to comply with the typical narrative structure gender and even if it is executed clumsily at times, it works. The approach to the horror reminiscent of Rolfe Kanefsky for There's Nothing Out There . Wolsh treats shots like a rubber band that likes to stretch at full capacity. We constantly asked if the young filmmaker does not care about our mouth or if it simply ignores what he does. And it is easy to get caught up in this madness is that the film assumes the block inflated tribute status without ever winks to the camera.

Download Muck on Amazon before it hits theaters
Download Muck on Amazon before it hits theaters

Everything that could be called default turns into quality for simple reason at the level of horror, Muck and delivers even offers much more than the customer demand. The girl naked thrown through a window is perhaps the best film four seconds you will see in 2015. Although the scene where a girl in underwear kills one of his assailants with a fork and then gets caught by automatic garden watering can and used it to wash, is not far behind. Certainly, the filmmaker has a fetish for scenes where women wash!

Although Muck constantly forces us to say, "why she's in her underwear in this scene there? "There is no nudity in the spotlight. The work can boast of offering a great variety of gory effects practical, original villains whom is played by Kane Hodder, and a keen sense of humor. Her script is completely unpredictable. We constantly questioning the direction of it, but the culmination always rewards us. One of the characters literally into Ash The Evil Dead at the end to kick some butt, confirming Muck as a true festive work!

And the sense of humor of the filmmaker's point !! Tasty dialogues the tens. Like the scene where the characters discuss the merits of The Princess Bride with their sexual conquests as they have just faced several members of what appears to be a cult. It all culminates with a final highly assumed fishtail just perfectly close this film fanatic!

Why wait in line? Download Muck on Amazon Now!
Why wait in line? Download Muck on Amazon Now!

Do Muck is good? Do Muck is bad? Is it so bad it's good or is it that director Steve Wolsh is aware of what he did? No matter! The answer is that Muck is entertaining tabarouète! If you remain unmoved by it, it may be time for you to change gender!

Steve Wolsh is already preparing for the next named Muck: Feast Of St. Patrick . I have only one thing to say "shut up and take my money!"

Download Muck on Amazon NOW!
Download Muck on Amazon NOW!

Muck is available for Pre-order on Itunes. If you just can't wait, download it now on Amazon by clicking here.


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