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Several days passed until, Nick Dunne became over whelmed. Sooner than later, Nick thought. He snuck into the room, where the women he once loved, slept. He placed a pillow over her face and held it there until she quit clawing at his face. Immediately he called his sister, the only person he truly trusted. She answers to hear Nick say "I need your help, now." In a rush she rushes to the house to see Nicks face clawed and bleeding. She was stunned quiet. She went into the bedroom to see Amy's body just lying there. "What now" Nick asked. Her sister told her brother to go to her house. She cleaned the fingertips to make sure no blood from Nick was left behind. The following day Nick was awakened from knocks on the door. It was no surprise to Nick who it was. He was pulled into questioning. "We had an argument early last night. So I stayed with my sister." Where the only words Nick told the police. The police weren't able to hold him any longer. He calls Boney ( the cop who had knew the truth of Amy and her "kidnapping"). "I'd like to meet", he says. She quickly says yes. The following day, they met up at a cafe. "Did you do it" she asks", Nick. "As a cop or a friend" Nick responds. She knew immediately what Nick had done. "I have to take you in, Nick." Nick says "I know, I didn't plan on getting away permanently". " Then what is it you want?". "For people to know what she did to me. "For them to see I had no other choice. She'd eventually move on to somebody else." Nick was taken in and charged. In court he tried to justify his reasoning. Almost immediately Nick was charged and sentenced to life in prison. He had a stunned look in his eyes as he was pushed by the Baillif. As he was in his cell he realized, he wouldn't survive in prison. He cries silently as he tied his shirt to the window above and ended his life. Moments before he passed, he wondered "did she get what she wanted all along??"


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