ByDavid McBride, writer at

After have defeating the demon mask Majora, Link our hero of time, knight clad in green, kokiri of Hyrule, etc. should had taken the Mask from the happy mask salesmen, just in case the power could have come back some how and then continued his quest for his beloved friend navy. Now, flash forward sum years to "Twilight Princes", the heroes shade the one that trains our new Link in Twilight Princess as the last hidden skill give Link, Majora's Mask as well as the Goron mask, the Deku shrub mask, and the Zora mask. As to keep them out of the wrong hands for all of eternity and to finally put the masks to more use and to keep the relics passing down the lines. I know this isn't very detailed but its my favorite game and game series so I wanted to put my opinion out there, thanks for reading this I hope you at least kinda think about it and maybe put your own details into this.


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