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This is my entry for the alternative ending contest. I chose to do Django Unchained since it is one of my all time favorite movies, and inspired me to do some cinematography. So without further a due... here is my alternative ending to Django Unchained

"DJANGOOOO!!!"You son of a-" Stephen, the black man who betrayed his own kind failed to finish as the house exploded.

Django glanced back at the flaming pieces of wood, and rubble. He had accomplished what he needed to, even if he had to take mens lives to do so. He had done it.

The man whose name had a D that was silent walked over to his stallion, his proud smiling woman standing right next to it.

"Hey, lil' troublemaker." He said with a cigar in his mouth.

"Hey, BIG troublemaker." Broomhilda van Shaft responded accurately.

He mounted the horse, his wife already have mounted hers, and together they began to stride away from the house that changed the man Django was forever.

End... or was it?

Django and his woman had ridden out away from the house about a mile before the ex-slave saw something out of the corner of his eye. Out in the meadows a group of prancing stallions, with their masters aboard, were headed directly their way.

"Broomhilda... stay back." He warned the woman he loved.

"No! I'm not gonna let you face that danger alone!"

"Stay back, I say!" Django said back, a bit frustrated.

Broomhilda van Shaft did not reply again.

The group of men dressed in odd, dark black and grey clothing were now visible in the moonlight.

"Who are y'all? What's y'alls problem?" Django said, getting off his horse, puffing his chest.

"Relax, sir. We mean no harm to ya or your lady. We are simply here to inform you of somethin'. Somethin' spectacular." One of the men, perhaps the leader of the group, said also getting of his horse. "Hello, Mr. Django. It is truly an honor to finally meet you."

"Who are y'all? Whatchu want with me and my lady?" Django asked impatiently, hand lightly gripping his holster.

The man put his hands in the air. "No need to reach for that device, Mr. Django. Like I said, we mean no harm." The man, who was also of color, attempted to calm the situation.

Django loosened his grip on his weapon.

The man lowered his arms. "Good. I do not wish to die tonight anyways. Now you asked who we all are? Well like I said before, I'm here to inform you of somethin' spectacular. My men and I are not your enemies, but the contrary, we are your allies. Or at least we hope to be. See here... we are apart of a system, an organization."

"And what does that have to do with me?"

The man giving the information grinned. "Don't worry, I'm getting there. But as I was saying, we are apart of an organization unlike any other in existence. And I am the leader. The leader of what people know us as, The Racial Justice Society. We defend people like us, Django. Our brothers and sisters who are suffering in the hell known as slavery. We take down the brutes known as slave masters. People who are like the man who was known as Calvin Candie. Those men are our enemies... so we bring justice to them. Now Mr. Django, you also asked me what you have to do with all this. Well Django... we need you. We need the Gun of the South. A vigilante mentor to all these men behind me, and at our headquarters in the North."

Django looked at the man suspiciously. Then he said, "Sorry, but I ain't no vigilante. I'm just a man who fought to save his woman."

Django began to walk back to his horse, his wife following his lead.

"Django, did you realize I knew your name without even asking you?"

Django froze halfway from mounting his saddle. He put his foot back down on the ground, and turned and faced the man again. "How did you-"

"Schultz." The man answered without letting him finish. "That white man who helped you reach freedom, and reunited you with your wife? That's how I know."

"But why... what?" Django was dumbfounded now. These men were no ordinary African Americans. They were different. They were smart.

"Do you think Dr. King Schultz really killed Calvin Candie just because he couldn't 'resist'? Now we both know that Schultz was a very intelligent man. I think a man like him would be able to find a way to resist shooting a man. Unless..."

The man waited for Django to finish his sentence off for him.

"...Unless he killed him on purpose?"

"Correct Django."

"Why would he do that? There's no way. He was intelligent! He wouldn't do such a stupid thing!"

"Actually, Django... He would. Because of exactly that. His intelligence."

"What?" Django glanced at his wife, but she was just as confused as him.

The man approached Django a bit closer. "See Django, I am of the same race as you. Do you really think people like us could start an organization? With the situation we're in right now? No. Schultz did. He started this whole thing. He made me the leader. He planned out exactly what we would do to free our brothers and sisters. The only problem was that... he had partnered up with Calvin Candie. See, Dr. Schultz made money from being a bounty hunter, but he did not make enough to where he could start the Racial Justice Society. So he seeked help financially from a rich man. Candie. He knew Calvin Candie owned one of the biggest plantations in the South, and that if he saw any opportunity to make even more money off slaves, he would take it without hesitation. So Schultz talked business with him. Talked about how Schultz would pay Candie to buy some slaves off him, and Candie would buy them weapons, since slaves were more expensive than guns. Then, when they gathered enough people together, they would take out other big slave masters, and Schultz would take the slaves while Candie took whatever money was in the place, and by taking out the competition, Candie would be able to buy slaves easier, and wouldn't have to worry about losing too much money since the other slave owners would be dead."

Django was shocked. "But they didn't know each other. I was there. When they first met."

"Django. They did know one another. See, they had this all planned out. They even managed to take out three slave owners before it happened."

"What is 'it'?"

"Calvin Candie is a selfish man. You would know. So because of his selfishness, and his desire to have the most money he possibly could... he left Schultz and took everything from him. Took the slaves he gathered for the Racial Justice Society, took his money, guns, everything. And since Schultz was just a ripple in the ocean that was Candyland he had no way to retaliate. Calvin Candie threatened to end his life, if he did not leave his plantation. He also made him vow never to speak about the Society, or else he would torture him and then kill him. So Dr. Schultz did."

"So because of that... Schultz and Candie just... pretended to not know each other?" Django was trying to fully understand the situation.

"Exactly. Why Calvin went along with it and didn't just kill him then and there, I don't know. But what I do know is that Schultz promised himself he would get back on his feet, and make sure that the Racial Justice Society breathed again."

"Wow." Broomhilda spoke up for the first time in a while.

Django was still confused about one thing. "Wait a second. So if Schultz knew he would be back there, did he know whether Candie would shoot him or not?"

"That my fellow African, is something I only have a theory for."

"What is it?"

"Remember how I said he and Calvin Candie planned this out TOGETHER? Yeah, well Schultz was one half of the duo. Candie was the brawn, and Schultz was the brain. Without one the Society wouldn't have lasted. So maybe Candie did not shoot him at first sight because he still wanted to make more money, and knew Schultz would have an idea of how to do so. But Schultz had other plans. Schultz knew Candie was a powerful man, and that he had people who were loyal to him, like Stephen. So as long as Candie didn't command them to kill him, they wouldn't do it. But let's say that Schultz goes to shake his hand, and pulls a quick bullet right in his heart. Then, Candies men would defend their boss, and shoot Schultz. Taking out both the brawn AND the brain."

"But wouldn't that mean the Society would die with them?" Django asked.

"Not necessarily. Django, you and Schultz took out some slave owners before y'all had your quarrels with Calvin Candie, remember?"

"Yeah, we did."

"So what do you think happened to the slaves? Schultz took them, Django. He took the slaves he got from those plantations and put us all in a place where no one would find us, and we wouldn't come out till' the time was right."

"So when was the right time?" Django asked.

The man smiled big when he asked that, almost as if he were waiting for that question. "When Dr. Schultz and Mr. Candie were dead... and you were the only one left standing. Django... I am only the first leader. Dr. King Schultz picked you for a reason. He knew things, Django. Things beyond even the governments knowledge. You are the one he chose because he knew you had been through hell and back. Because he knew you could become a man of justice. Django, you are the second leader of the Racial Justice Society. You and me. The head of the Racial Justice Society."

Django took Broomhilda van Shaft by her hand. "What if I say no?"

The man kept smiling. "Well that'd be a shame."

"I don't know... A stranger coming out of nowhere at night, telling me all this... why should I believe you boy?"

"Because Django... I am your brother."

Django's eyes raised. "Kosem?"

Kosem smiled even bigger now. "Hey, brother." He said as the moon shined right above their faces. "You and me. The new Calvin Candie and Dr. Schultz. Me being the brain... and you being the brawn... of the Racial Justice Society."


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