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Will Community get what it deserves?
Will Community get what it deserves?

Since it was announced that Yahoo Screen will be making [Community](series:714858)'s sixth season we have all been left with unanswered questions, Will the be a movie? Will there be more seasons? Why are some of the cast members dropping out and will they return?

As you most likely know for the past several months the phrase "Six Seasons and a Movie" has been spreading across the Internet like wildfire and now that we have our sixth season (Thank you so much Yahoo Screen) what's next for the show? Will the show just be cancelled for good after this season or will it receive a larger amount of viewers and then go on to create more seasons after that, or are we in line for a [Community Movie](movie:1296454) like we all hoped for so long?

And another matter is on hand too. If the sixths season doesn't turn out to be a flop and we do get more seasons or a movie, will Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley Bennett), Chevy Chase (Pierce Hawthorne) and Donald glover (Troy Barnes) return to the show (or possible movie) or will the sixth season completely fail due to them leaving?

If the full cast does return to the show and we get more seasons, I believe that the show (despite being brilliant) will eventually run old, It doesn't have the capabilities of [How I Met Your Mother](series:200728) or Friends and the shows quality is decreasing through the series. I think it would be best to stop at season six and then create a movie to finish it off with the full original cast and then just leave it at that before it becomes shockingly awful. There is also the chance that now it is being created by Yahoo Screen that it could take a different direction and actually increase in quality, and if that happens it would be great to see more seasons.

Even if they don't get funding for a Community movie that could always try getting funding through Kickstarter, I'm sure that all us Community fans would be happy to spare some money to create the movie we have all been asking for for months. It worked with Veronica Mars so why not work for Community too?

And just hear me out on this one, but what if in the Darkest Timeline there was no Community show to begin with. How awful would that be?

What are your opinions? Will we get a movie, more seasons or cancellation?


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