ByCole Miller, writer at

For those who don't know, Charlie is a the main character in a Stephen King story. She and her father both with strange powers are on the run from "shop agents" working for the man who gave them their powers. Charlie can light and direct fire with her mind and her father can force people to do his bidding. Jean grey aka phoenix, a character from the X-men who has a great deal of telekinetic powers. one of which is creating cosmic fire.

What if at the end of firestarter professor X appears out of nowhere and takes her in, guides charlie into tapping into her full potential (as some shop scientists said she didn't even scrape the surface of her full potential after setting a whole research facility ablaze) and found out how to use the rest of her powers and change her name.

SPOILER: Also at the end of Firestarter, Charlene's dad is killed by a shop agent and renders her an orphan (her mother also killed by shop agents in a flashback) Charlene spends time with a family she met while on the run from shop agents and then leaves in the night, where she could run into anybody, a loving family or a bald man in a wheel chair... what if that happened instead of just ending the story right there?


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