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Matt Boyd

Here is a short "script" for my alternate ending of TASM 2 for a contest I'm entering.

This ALT. ending first starts out when The Green Goblin flies in on his glider in front of Spider-Man and discovers that he is really Peter Parker. The rest of the movie before that was EXACTLY the same

Green Goblin: Peter...

Spider-Man: Harry...

Green Goblin: *chuckles*

Spider-Man: Harry...What did you do?

Green Goblin: What you made me do! You were my friend and you... BETRAYED. ME!!!!!!

Spider-Man: No, Harry, I was trying to protect you. If you had just given me a little more time--

Green Goblin: TIME!?!?! *pauses* I DON'T HAVE TIME!!!

Green Goblin turns to Gwen then back to Peter

Green Goblin: *chuckles*

Spider-Man: (concerned) Harry...

Goblin turns around and swipes Gwen.

Spider-Man: HARRY!

Spider-Man swings after him as Goblin flies up above the clock tower and Spider-Man swings up on it.

Spider-Man: Harry! PUT HER DOWN! You don't have to do this!!

Green Goblin: Haha ha ha! You're right! I don't have to! I just choose to!!! HAHAHAHAH *drops Gwen*

Gwen: AHHHH!!!!

Spider-Man: NOOOOO!!!!!

Spider-Man jumps up and catches Gwen and they both fall into the clock tower

Green Goblin: *growls*

The Goblin flies down after Spidey and grabs him by the throat. Leaving Gwen in the clock tower where she landed with Peter. Goblin flies out of the clock tower with Spidey, punching him in the face repeatedly. Goblin rears his fist back and activates the wrist blade on his suit, he attempts to stab Spidey, but Spider-Man moves his head over to the left and frees himself from Goblin's grip by kicking into his stomach. As Spidey flips into the air, he webs two of the transformers and slingshots himself into Green Goblin, knocking both him and Goblin off the glide, and back into the clock tower.

Green Goblin: ARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Green Goblin slams into the side of the wall of the clock tower and it knocks him out.

Spider-Man: *gasps for air, then takes several heavy breaths*

Spider-Man gets up and turns around.

Spider-Man: Gwen?

Spider-Man webs himself up to Gwen

Spider-Man: Gwen, you ok?

Gwen: (with a frightened look on her face) Y-y-yeah...

Spider-Man picks Gwen up.

Spider-Man: Everything's gonna be alright, Gwen. I promise... I'm gonna take you home now

Goblin wakes up and jumps after Spider-Man with the wrist blade pointed at him. Everything goes into slow motion. Spider-Man turns around and grabs Goblin's wrists and tears the wrist blade off of his suit and throws it down to the bottom of the tower. The slow motion stops and Spider-Man throws Green Goblin into the other side of the wall and Goblin lands on some gears. Goblin presses a button on his suit to summon his glider. The glider busts through the wall (not hitting Spider-Man or Gwen) and stops in the middle of the air for Goblin to jump on to it. Goblin jumps onto the glider and flies after Gwen.

Gwen: *screams*

Spider-Man: NO, HARRY!!!!!

Green Goblin: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Goblin swipes Gwen and flies over to the middle of the tower. Spider-Man webs up to a closer gear. Gwen starts to cry loudly.


Goblin turns to Gwen and smiles.

Green Goblin: Harry? *chuckles* NO! HARRY. IS. DEAD!!

Spider-Man: Harry, let her go!

Green Goblin turns to Spider-Man.

Green Goblin: You know, Pete... You've always had a bad choice of words! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Goblin drops Gwen and flies out of the clock tower. But he doesn't try to escape. He stays just above the tower to "watch".

Spider-Man: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Spider-Man jumps down after Gwen and everything goes back to slow motion. Spider-Man webs both sides of the walls downwards and pulls himself up and increases his falling speed. He eventually catches up to Gwen and catches her. He webs one of the gears with Gwen in his arms and saves her. The slow motion stops. Spider-Man and Gwen sigh of relief as they are dangling in the middle of the air.

Gwen: (sighs loudly)

Spider-Man: I'm gonna let you go now...

Gwen: What?

Spider-Man lets go of Gwen and quickly makes a "web net"

Gwen: Ah! (pauses, then sighs loudly)


Green Goblin: RRRAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Goblin flies down after Gwen on his glider but crashes his glider into the gears and falls off of the glider, but lands on the lower gears. A pumpkin bomb flies out of Goblin's hand. Everything goes back into slow motion. Spidey turns his head as the pumpkin bomb approaches Gwen.

Spider-Man: Uh oh...

Spidey jumps down towards Gwen and shoots a "web ball" at the bomb, shooting the bomb straight up into the air. The slow motion stops, and the bomb flies up a few feet above the clock tower and explodes. Leaving everyone unharmed. Spider-Man and Gwen watch in happiness as they know that he won, and Goblin watches in rage as he knows that he lost.

Green Goblin: RRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spider-Man swings up to Goblin

Green Goblin: NOO!!!!!

Spider-Man: It's over, Harry... I would've helped you... but now you're going to Ravencroft. Where you belong.

Green Goblin: You... will pay for this, Peter Parker! Even if it is the last thing I do... I will make... you... PAY!


A guard shoves Harry into a large cell.

Guard: GET IN!

The guards walk away.

Harry Osborn: *growls under his breath*

A mystery character in black appears to be in the cell. It is the same man from the end scene of The Amazing Spider-Man. He walks up to Harry.

Gustav Fiers: Hello, Harry...

Harry Osborn: Who are you?

Gustav Fiers: My name is Gustav Fiers. I've worked with your father for several years, and I was wanting to know if you'd be interested in being part of a special team.

Harry looks up and turns his head over to The Gentleman.

Harry Osborn: Go on....



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