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Ph.D. student Mia Medina has chosen Deborah Logan as the subject of her thesis. Deborah has Alzheimer's disease, sadly. She and her daughter, Sarah, give Mia and her film crew permission to record her daily life to show how Alzheimer's affects her life as well as that of her daughter's.

Mia's thesis proposes that Alzheimer's doesn't only destroy the patient suffering from it but also the patient's primary caregiver. The two cameramen, Gavin and Luis, put some cameras up around the house, and they also use a large camera wherever they go. However, as they record Deborah's daily life, they begin to notice things that aren't exactly consistent with Alzheimer's disease. Rather, these occurrences appear to be supernatural.

Something much more sinister than Alzheimer's...
Something much more sinister than Alzheimer's...

I won't reveal exactly what happens with Deborah, but there is definitely a supernatural and evil force at work with her, trying to control her. Her having Alzheimer's makes it all that much easier for that to happen.

The movie comes across as a found-footage film, which many say has been overdone. But it’s only found-footage in some parts of the film, such as when it comes to the cameras set up around the house as well as the cameras in the hospital. Other than that, it’s more of a documentary-style film – a documentary that was never finished.

In terms of scariness, some parts of the film had my heart pounding a bit, and I jumped a couple times. It didn’t fully scare me, which I never expect anyway because it’s rare for that to happen to me, but it did make me tense and gave me a sense of anticipation for what would happen next. Not to mention, Jill Larson did an incredible job playing Deborah. She portrayed a possessed woman so well that I was actually becoming scared of Jill herself.

Deborah clearly isn't herself anymore...Alzheimer's or something worse?
Deborah clearly isn't herself anymore...Alzheimer's or something worse?

The film starts out as one about a woman’s battle with Alzheimer’s and turns into her battle with something much more sinister. In both circumstances, she’s fighting something she can’t see. To me, that’s even scarier.

Overall, I thought the film was a bit of a fresh take on horror and I’d recommend it if you want something that leave you a bit unsettled and isn’t as cliché in horror as Paranormal Activity. (Not hating on that film, it’s actually one of my favorite horror series. Don’t judge me.) I give it a 7.5 overall.


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