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So, you've most likely heard by now that Pixar is in the process of making a third sequel to the 1995 classic animated film Toy Story. Many a person was quite elated to hear this news hit the inter-webs, and can barely wait to see all of their favourite Toy Story characters hit the silver screen once again! However, as you could probably tell by that picture right up there, I am not one of those people. If anything, I'm less elated and more frustrated by the fact that this film was even thought up let alone put into development, and here are a few reasons as to why I think this:

Toy Story 3 Was the Perfect Franchise Ender!

Although it's not my favourite of the Toy Story films, I will say that Toy Story 3 was a great movie with the most wonderfully bitter-sweet ending you could ask for in any movie! I feel like that was a perfect way to put an end to the franchise especially since (I'm gonna get some hate for saying this) we didn't really need Toy Story 3 either. At any rate, it was a good ending, and also signal and end of an era which, although sad, was also necessary. Making a fourth Toy Story just feels almost like Pixar is just cheating out their fans and saying to them "Hey! Guess what! Remember that sad ending that marked the end of an era, and the end of a franchise?! Well, just forget about all that! We're never putting an end to this franchise! NEVERRRRR!!!!!!" Which brings me to my next point.

The Franchise Has Already Been Milked Enough!

Considering that Pixar has already made another trilogy of "Toy Story Toons", which are all pretty decent, so why not just stick with that formula? They could just as easily take the plot of the film they're currently making (which I will get to later), and make it a short film to put in front of "Finding Dory" or something! Or, better yet, they could make it a third instalment to their series of television specials! There is basically no point whatsoever in making this a film! Every time I think of this movie, it makes me think less that this is a passion project by Pixar, and more of a money-grab by Pixar, and that is really, really sad, especially considering how good they are at making movies without having to worry about whether or not they make money.

The Film Will Supposedly Have NOTHING To Do with the Last Three Movies, And Be A Romantic COMEDY!!!

When I read the news about how Toy Story 4 is supposedly going to be a romantic comedy, I almost took it as a joke, or a prank that was pulled by some news website, but as I saw more and more posts about the film, I came to the realization that this is very much true. This film is going to be a romantic comedy film.

I don't think I've been more tempted to head-desk more than when I heard this news! What in their right mind could the writers of the film possibly have been thinking when writing this messy cash-grab of a movie?! This is absolutely not the right genre to make into a Toy Story film! But apparently this isn't nearly bad enough -- apparently it's not even gonna have anything to do with Toy Story 3! The studio's president has even been quoted in an interview as saying...

“It is not a continuation of the end of the story of Toy Story 3. The third movie was over in a beautiful way and completed a trilogy.”

Which begs the question, why are you making this movie then? If it already completed a trilogy, and thus a franchise, in the best way, what is the point of continuing the franchise? That makes no sense! And it also brings everything back to the simple fact that they could very simply make this into either a TV special, or a Toy Story Toon! There is no need to make a Toy Story 4!


Do you think there should be a Toy Story 4?


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