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Today we've gotten to see the first definitive and deliberate piece of production design that separates our big and small screen DC heroes... the symbol for the House of El.

While DC has relied on the convenience and coincidence of never really showing Metropolis on Arrow or the Flash, and not placing Gotham in a time where Batfleck would show up, there's been no solid on-screen confirmation that the TV universe and the Film universe do not have a shared continuity.

Behind the scenes, there's been much ado about who and what is off limits for writers of DC's TV shows; they bump up against those limitations often as they sort out 20+ hours of storylines per year and unlike Marvel, aren't allowed to share actors and characters freely across mediums. But still, nothing officially separating them, nothing cannon, nothing ON-SCREEN.

Until today.

When Kara Zor-El showed up in her new threads, sporting a shield from the house of El that is very clearly not the shield on that Kal-EL and Jor-El were sporting in Man of Steel, it became the first piece of deliberate production design that places Supergirl in a different corner of the multiverse than our big screen Superman.

Coleen Atwood is a costume designer who works in big-budget film as much as she does television, so it's safe to say she wasn't working in a vacuum when she came up with and executed the Supergirl costume, and the promotional photos of Melissa Benoist were taken and released.

What do you think? Kooky design oversight? Or our first real on-screen confirmation of DC's multimedia multiverse?

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