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I really love horror movies.Ever since I was a kid.So if you love to watch horror movies, and your thirsty for facts, well lets begin...

1. Scream: Molly Ringwald Was Offered The Role Of Sydney Prescott

Molly Ringwald was every high school kids dream… during the ‘80s anyway. With roles in John Hughes movies such as Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, Ringwald was a regular in many of the most essential high school films of all time. Over a half a decade later and screenwriter Kevin Williamson had her in mind for a little horror flick he was writing called Scream, where she would be once again playing a high school kid.
Wes Craven hopped on board and the role ultimately went to Neve Campbell. Ringwald was indeed formally offered the role but she turned it down because you know, she was like near 30!

2.Poltergeist: The Production Crew Used Real Human Skeletons Because They Were Cheap

This entry is just creepy, think about it for a second. Imagine you were just offered the role in the new Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg horror flick. You’re excited; you wake up, eat some Apple Jacks and head to the set. You’re ready for your scene involving a bunch of skeletons you have to swim around with when you’re informed that just because plastic skeletons are slightly more expensive you are going to be doing your scene with the actual remains of a human being.
How expensive could a plastic skeleton be? Why would they cut costs in such an eerie way? Too creepy….

3.The Words “Elm Street” Are Never Spoken During The Original Nightmare On Elm Street

It’s true, Freddy Krueger was burned alive on Elm Street and Nancy Thompson and a young Johnny Depp were raised on Elm Street and the name of the movie was Nightmare On Elm Street but the words were never actually spoken in the film.

This entry will leave a few of you thinking to yourself how incorrect this must be. Of course they must have said it. Nope, it just makes the street that Freddy Krueger had his reign of terror that much more terrifying; and the scene where Johnny Depp gets sucked into his bed and brutally killed by Freddy all the more awesome!

4.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: That’s Marilyn Burns Real Blood In a Few Scenes

I’ve previously written an article explaining why Marilyn Burns is such an underrated Scream Queen and this is one of the reasons. This lady must have been a real trooper. It’s no secret that the making of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a total nightmare. Many of the actors have said that it was the worst experience of their career. Marilyn may have had it the worst, during the dinner scene Leatherface actually cuts her finger because they couldn’t get the fake blood to work properly.
She experienced many real injuries during filming and the final scene where she is hysterical seemed so authentic partly because of everything she had been though. Any horror fan is happy she finished the film like a true soldier.

5. E.T. Was Originally A Horror Film

This entry on the list might be cheating a little bit but so what? Before Steven Speilberg filmed his family friendly classic E.T. The Extra Terrestrial started out as a movie about a family on a farm who are visited by a terrifying grey alien who would cause some havoc.
Screenwriter Melissa Mathison came on board and did rewrites until we went from terrifying alien abduction film into the cute film that we all remember from our childhood. One can’t help but to wonder what a ET horror film would look like. Blood, guts and Reese’s Pieces everywhere. Well, that just sounds awesome!


So, are you amazed enough?


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