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In my version of amazing spiderman 2 , after gwen shows up and crashes max away with the car ,she explains to peter about who max was and what happed to make him what he is (electro). Peter than tries to talk to max, who is still angry at him, it takes a while to reason with him and finally peter apologizes. Max accepts the apology and attempts to undo the damage he previously causes. Just before he could , harry shows up , who is fully mutated and covered in armor and on the glider ,than snaps at max , compareing him to the other people who have betrayed him just like his father and the board members. He then switches on a moble version the device used to drain max of his energy in ravencroft. Harry decides to put the city on a perminent blackout by overloading electros energy to make an electric blast. He then takes max's paralyzed bodie (paralyzed from the device) to the same place where spiderman would've overloaded his power, he does this by blowing up the main power source tubes and placeing maxs body on there. Spiderman shows up and an epic fight ensures. Meanwhile, gwen tries to eivive max , and succeeds. She tells him to quikly reestablish the power to the city .He then does so and the citys power is restored. During the fight harry throughs spiderman aside and sets the device to full blast , to the point where Max loses his powers. Spiderman comes back and knocks harry off the glider. He goes to max in hopes that he is alright. He is and apologizes to spidey for all the troble he caused. Spidey tells him not ro apologize as bygones are bygones. Harry then gets up back on his glider and listens silently as gwen and peter (spiderman) carry max and at the same time converse about gwens scholorship. Harry then realizes that spiderman and peter are one and the same. He then reapares and kidnappes gwen stateing he he will take away peters hope just as he took away his for rejecting to help harry with his blood. Spiderman then puts max down carefully as harry flies away with gwen . He chases after them and the same battle in the movie ensures ,which leads to gwens death. Peter is devistated just like in the movie. The police show up and arrest max for destruction of the power plant. Spiderman tries to tell them that it wasnt his fault but max takes responsibility for his actions and states that he will be spideys "eyes and ears" on the inside .

We then transition to gwens funeral , like in the movie, where peter and others morne he death. The same events that lead to the end with rhino occur, But spidey shows up without needing to step in for the kid, as he is not there (since it was a bit of a cheesy ending). Instead he shows up just before rhino smashes car on a group of policemen. He does this by grabbing the car with his webs and pulling it away from the rhinos metal hands. The crowd then Cheers for spiderman. Rhino then says to spiderman,"So you have returned, welcome back , spider."

Spiderman responds ,"Great to be back.I see your still not a hugger , more like a crusher actually. "

Rhino: "I tolled you this did not end !! Now get over here. so i may kill and destroy you!!"

Spiderman ( slowly walking towards him) " You want me to come over there so you can kill me?"


Spiderman:"ill be right there ! Ah ,theres no place like home."

Rhino procedes to charge at spiderman. Spideman then grabs the manhole cover and deflects two missles shot from rhinos suit, then smashes the manhole cover onto rhinos suit and the movie cuts to black.

In a post credits scene, its revealled that max is experancing minor twiches that produce electricity. Revealing that he still has some of his powers.


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