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Now, this is going to be my special, thought up plot for Venom. This may or may not be the route they go, however, this is the way I hope they do it. This is only part 1 of 3.

The movie begins with our main character, FLASH THOMPSON, in jail. That's right. I probably just lost some people right there. I mean, why Flash Thompson and not Eddie Brock? Well.. We'll explain why later.

Flash would begin to explain how he even got into jail, and how he got into this mess. It would open up with a woman taking a stroll down a street. A large black figure rushed in front of her, then ran off. She stopped in her tracks. She began running, wondering what had happened. Eventually she realized that the creature was following her. The creature would stand up, the particular spider on it's chest, as he engulfed the female, 'eating her'. Almost like the Ultimate Spider-Man video game, in a way. Anyways. The creature would leap to a building, and let out a loud screech, almost in pain or agony. This creature was known as Venom. And this is where the main logo would pop up, and on the inside of the symbiote, it would be shown to be Eddie Brock.. It would then fast-forward a bit, showing Spider-Man taking a swing through the 'beautiful' city when suddenly a car is flung his way. He makes a web, which holds the car in place, as he leaps into action. He then saw.. What exactly was that thing? It was some sort of creature.. He certainly didn't know what it was. All he knew was, he had to stop it. He approached the creature, gently poking it. They would have a nice, soothing conversation.. Until Venom hit Spider-Man. Why did his Spider-Sense not go off? Why is that?

All Spidey knew was, he was hurt. He held his ribs and continued the battle, eventually subduing the beast. The monster got away, but the damage had been done. Spider-Man left the scene as the police arrived. It would then cut to Flash Thompson, present day. A siren went off, and he approached the door. This was the 'prison break' alarm. Suddenly, all of the doors opened. He ran out, running into a few people, including a certain Osborn. He ran, faster and faster, attempting to reach the meeting point. He'd better have it, he thought. I /need/ it.

That was part 1 of my plot for Venom, I hoped you liked it. If you did, be sure to tell me where you think I'm going to take this plot. Trust me, expect the unexpected. Always expect the unexpected.


Question- Did you like part 1?


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