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Every now and then a new TV series shows up with a superhero from either DC or the Marvel universe. We have Arrow, The Flash, Agent Carter, Agents of SHIELD, and now Gotham.

What is so good about the show, is that it's not about Batman, it's not another Christopher Nolan movie, (which i love, by the way) it's about the past. What Gotham looked like, when Bruce Wayne was a young man.

As we move forward in the series, another and another villain gets introduced to us. We have planty of them now, so let's make a list.

10. Catwoman - Selina Kyle

I still haven't decided that to me is she a villain or not. We can see her helping Master Bruce, or taking care of Ivy, but at the same time she can be very rude and mean. We still need to see the real Catwoman to be able to decide it. So for now, it's 10th place for Selina.

9. Poison Ivy - Ivy Pepper

Oh, she will be a pain in the "back". Just look at her, the way she moves. the way she talks, it's so evil. And remember when she picked up the phone, and told Barbara that Jim can't talk to her right now, making Barbara depressed liked never before? Yeah. She will be poison in the veins of Gotham.

8. The Riddler - Edward Nigma

Can't wait for the uprising of the Riddler. I love every scene that he is in, it's just so creepy everytime he shows up, and tells Harvey or Jim a riddle. We know what will happen to him, who he will become and why, and it's fascinating to watch the evolution of the charachter.

7. The Joker

What a nice, lovely man - as one would think - and then bumm. He becomes the psycho that everybody hates? Do we hate him? No, we love the Joker. Hes laugh is the most brilliant one, after Heath Ledger's Joker. But we still need to watch more of him, to be able to put the charachter in a higher place.

6. Scarecrow - Jonathan Crane

Fear. That's the trick of the Scarecrow. The episode when they introduce Jonathan to us, is a really good one. We don't know much about him, but we can be sure, that he will be one of the scariest villains in Gotham.

5. Carmine Falcone

The Don of Gotham. Well, at least one of them. He controls his people with respect and honor, but he is a feared leader, for various reasons. You don't want to mess around with Don Falcone kid.

4. Salvatore Maroni

The italian gangster, who can turn you into one of the respected man in Gotham, but in the same time, he can destroy you, and your life in a second. He is not dumb, and The Penguin most learn this, before Maroni strikes back.

3. Victor Zsasz

Who is the man? Who is it? Yes, this guy. You won't have a calm moment when he is around. Look at what he has done to Butch. How? I don't know, if i ever want to find out. Everytime he shows up, the heat goes up as well. Well deserved third place for Victor!

2. Fish Mooney

Only her friends call her Fish, I know. Miss Mooney is one of the best mastermind in Gotham. She can rule, she can make her be respected by others, and she can make gold from wood. And now, she wants revenge more then anything. Can't wait for the next scene between her and Oswald.

1. The Penguin - Oswald Cobblepot

Do we have to say anything? We will let you comment on this.


Who is your favorite villain?


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