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He may be a lazy, Duff drinking oaf but Homer has raked in a ginormous £8.22 BILLION over the last 25 million years along with Marge, Bart, Maggie and Lisa.

The 520 television shows hauled in £3.6 billion alone, while toys and other merchandise brought in another £3 billion. The Simpsons Movie earned our favourite yellow cartoon characters an additional £351 million.

This cheeky chap from Disney’s The Lion King has earned an enormous £5 BILLION since the movie was released in 1994. But astonishingly the film, which earned £650 million is not where all the cash has flooded in from. Around £4.1 billion of Simba’s wealth comes from the spin-off musical making it the highest grossing theatre production ever.

Shrek has hauled in a hefty £2.5 BILLION over the years, according to calculations. The Shrek film and the four sequels/ spin offs pulled in £2.36 billion while the DVDs sol 5.5 million copies. Shrek also had a West End show that ran for two years.

Manny, Sid, Diego and Scrat with his acorn have earned a whopping £2.13 BILLION frmo their four Ice Age movies, along with additional money from their games, spin off shows, DVD sales and live shows. Next year the foursome could shoot up the cartoon rich list as Ice Age 5 is due out to much excitement from their huge fanbase.

The Toystory duo have made £1.66 BILLION since the first movie came out in 1995. Around £100 million of that was from advertising deals alone with the first film making £250 million for the pair and their friends alone.

The Gru family from Despicable Me have so far earned £1.2 BILLION with two films, which took £100 million at the box office, and toys and merchandise.

The Frozen pair won’t be letting go of their £1 BILLION fortune any time soon, a new film is on the way and toys and merchandise are flying off the shelves. Despite only being out for one year Frozen raking in £836 million making it the most popular animated movie of all time. An additional £300 million came from DVD sales.

Nemo certain found his fortune after making £933 MILLION following the success of Finding Nemo in the cinemas in 2003. But Nemo’s real treasure was in the DVD market after selling more than £40 million worth of goods.

Smoldering Jessica Rabbit is worth around £440 MILLION following her success in hit 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. And now there is chatter about a second film being in the pipeline, set five years beforehand. The film made this seductress £220 million and LaserDisc sales sold out in one day following reports she appeared nude if played in slow motion.

Alvin, Simon and Theodore are worth a cool £833 MILLION after their film was released in 2007. About £240 million of that was from the first movie and £67 million was from DVD sales.

The first Brit on the list, Peppa has earned £870 MILLION and is expected to hit the big time in the next few years with her voyage over to American screens. Expect this little British piggy to make it BIG.

The How to Train Your Dragon star is worth £913 MILLION in the first two of his films. We can expect the third installment sometime in 2018.


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