ByAtit Rijal, writer at
Atit Rijal

Ok so I was searching fan made stuffs on Youtube and I stumbled upon the following video. The video comes from "Alex Luthor"'s channel on Youtube.

The channel has other awesome videos. Do check it out. I do not know the guy but I love his work.

Well, the trailer does not exactly show us the actors in costumes suited up for action, because, well they are probably doing it for the first time and we have not seen them do it. But anyways, the video looks badass and has entertained me and now has pumped me up for the 2016 release.

I wish Tom Hardy was still a part of the movie. The video shows him too, so I guess the video was made before Tom Hardy expressed he did not want to be in the movie.

The video also shows moments of Deathstroke who i do not suppose will be in the movie. It would be awesome if he was in it though.

Well, check the video out guys and gals. It has some badassery wound up into an awesome fan made trailer.

I am pumped up for the movie. Are You?


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