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We love Hilary Duff as tough-girl Cinderella Sam, and lord knows we love us some Chad Michael Murray, but this didn’t have quite enough of that fairydust to push higher up on our ranker.

You can’t fight with a classic. Bippity boppity boo? No one’s going to “boo” that. However, we can’t give the beloved classic our top spot, despite its infinitely hummable songs. We like a princess with a little more dimension. This is lovely love story, but there are versions that breathed more life into the classic tale.

Brandy rocks it as Cinderella in this straight-to-TV movie version of the tale, which crushed it with diversity. Some questioned the racial makeup of the cast as not believable, but then, we didn’t really see anyone complaining about the, oh, magic at the core of the story, so. Plus, are you really going to complain about Brandy and Whitney Houston singing Rodgers and Hammerstein together? To the left, to the left.

We won’t hear a single argument against this. The body glitter! The wings! Drew Barrymore’s braids! Leonardo Da Vinci teaching Prince Charming how to love! “Ever After” can do no wrong. Plus, you know how you love old lady Rose at the beginning of “Titanic” being all mysterious and telling the story? “Ever After” totally levels it up.

The newest version of “Cinderella,” starring Lily James and Richard Madden, hits theaters

That’s more like it. The updated version of Disney’s classic tale benefits not only from advanced technology and effects (that dress transformation is ridiculous), but also from an electric cast. Helena Bonham Carter is the most magical (and wonky) fairy godmother we’ve ever met, Cate Blanchett is a truly wicked stepmother (who rocks that red lip, classic thing that you like) and Nonso Anozie is charming as the captain. Meanwhile, Prince seems like a lovely person that we’d like to marry.

Also, in case we didn’t already mention is (we did): that dress transformation!


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