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The Flash episode 15 is going to air on March 17th.The episode will be titled 'Out Of Time' and i have made a new fan theory which i think adds up to whats happening and will happen on the show. Ok, so we all know that Harrison Wells is the man in the yellow suit and thats what he is . He isn't Hunter Zolomon or Eolbard Thawne he is just plain old Harrison Wells. He comes from a future where the reverse flash(eddie thawne) keeps killing a lot of people and that includes Well's wife and Barry's mom. After his wife's death,Wells becomes blinded with hatred for Thawne and proceeds to capture him with his scientific expertise. He then kills Thawne and because of that The Flash was never created because they both exist in a causality loop which is that since Thawne was killed he never goes back in time and kills Barry's mom and thus The Flash was never created.

Because of the Flash not existing the world goes into darkness. Realizing his mistake, Wells dons the Reverse Flash suit and then acquires his powers just like Thawne did

Eddie Thawne a.k.a Professor Zoom
Eddie Thawne a.k.a Professor Zoom

He goes back in time and then stops himself from killing Thawne and then ries to go back to his time but because of his temporary and weak connection to the speed force, he is trapped in the time before Barry becomes The Flash. He then builds the particle accelerator and knows that it will explode and then lets it explode so that The Flash can be created. He also realizes that he must mentor both Barry to become a better Flash and Eddie Thawne to become the Reverse Flash.Now as for Barry's mentoring, we can clearly see that in any epsiode but as for Thawne, his mentoring is done in subtle hints of which Tom Cavanaugh is the master but can be seen in this still from Episode 9.......

Now do you remember in this episode, Wells was mercilessly killing people but as soon as he came near to Thawne he just gave him a gentle push and then almost killed Joe.He did it so that Thawne could live and see the awesome power of the Reverse Flash

and another Thawne-Wells bonding moment in recently release picture from Punkd.....

Now just look at the way Wells is smiling at Thawne.This is enough proof for me


So what do YOU think? Am I right or is this just another shot in the dark?


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